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Moody Thursday replied to Hannah M's discussion searching for the answer
"THIS. "
3 minutes ago
Goldie O'Shivers replied to Crystal's discussion Help, I am looking for some direction.
"I have an interest in Wicca, and would like to learn as much as mind could probably handle, which probably isn't much. I'm well familiar with masonry, no need to elaborate on details regarding that matter. I'm just trying to learn…"
1 hour ago
Goldie O'Shivers replied to Crystal's discussion Help, I am looking for some direction.
"That's what I was thinking, Serafina. But I wasn't sure. I've heard it used by masons a lot obviously, that's more what I am familiar with. Thanks for explaining :) I didn't know if there was possibly some relation here?…"
1 hour ago
Serafina replied to Crystal's discussion Help, I am looking for some direction.
"We're referring to witchcraft.  Masons also use the term to describe their practices btw, but that isn't hat we mean here. "
1 hour ago


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Help, I am looking for some direction.

Started by Crystal in Off topic discussions. Last reply by Callisto 1 minute ago. 46 Replies

     I am a recovering Christian, because of this I am finding it hard to become comfortable being a Pagan. I believe that the Pagan path is right for me but I feel very lost trying to find my place…Continue

searching for the answer

Started by Hannah M in Off topic discussions. Last reply by Moody Thursday 3 minutes ago. 4 Replies

Hello I am a natural healer my mother is a healer and my father dabbles in white magic I am looking for another healer or spiritualist who is willing to take up a student. I am extremely hard worker…Continue

I would like to learn about Wicca.

Started by Robin Hoode in General Discussion. Last reply by Callisto 2 hours ago. 9 Replies

I want to learn from true Wiccans, and not the shit like "But this love spell for only three dollars! We guarantee it works!" I know these are fake, stupid people trying to make money, but I don't…Continue

Past pagans?

Started by Candace in Off topic discussions. Last reply by Callisto 2 hours ago. 22 Replies

Sorry I didnt quite know how to word the title for this.Any who, I was googling a pdf for a book the other day (its now since slipped my mind on the name) but I came across this article about a rare…Continue

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This site is devoted to the practice of Wicca. It is an excellent resource for those looking to gain a better understanding of the religion of Wicca as a whole. Through chat, discussions on our post boards, our many Wiccan groups, and links to many other sites with a Wicca connection. Wicca is an open religion devoted to the worship of the goddess, or god and goddess, The Horned God, and the Triple Goddess respectively. Traditional Wicca includes many paths, Gardnerian, Alexandrian, oftentimes referred to as British Traditional Wicca. Osian, Gaian, Cochranianism, Feri, and the Dianic. And the list goes on. Some new age covens, followings, and groups are emerging all the time.

One thing all traditions hold in common is the Wiccan Rede. Though there are many forms of it, and changes to the wording, the meaning stays clear; "And thou harm none, do as thou will" It is not necessary to belong to a coven to be Wiccan. The solitary practitioner has as much a place as any coven member. Oftentimes , the solitary Wiccan will refer to themselves as an eclectic. Devoted to the idealism's and teachings. While most Wiccan covens have some sort of initiation process. Accompanied by a more strict guideline to follow, including feast days, appropriate ritual, and a variety of others. Wicca is a religion dating back to only the 1950s and was founded by Gerald Gardener. But its roots go back to generations before. Regardless of your personal religion, or whether you would call yourself Wiccan or simply just Pagan.

We hope you enjoy your time here on Wiccan Together. There are some rules to the website, for the good of the community. We ask that everyone do their best to obey the rules, and help everyone else out as best they can. We would like this to be a very committed, friendly community to seekers and well seasoned Pagans alike.

Thank you and please enjoy your stay with us! We hope you will stay with us and invite your friends and family! Thank you from all of us at WiccanTogether.com, Mistress Syn, Beautiful Nightmare and of course Brian K, the owner of WT.



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