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To all members (New members in particular)

To all new members, please take the time to read the rules before coming into chat/forums/site. The rules are clearly listed on the main pa…

Started by SynLatest Reply

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New Moon

Did you do anything special to celebrate the new moon? I think full moon rituals are more typical, but I'm curious about what people do for…

Started by Serena Quiet Storme

1 28 minutes ago
Reply by Callisto

Where to start

I am still struggling with how to start practicing and wanted to see if anyone is willing to share how they started practicing and what the…

Started by Aisha Coburn

3 14 hours ago
Reply by Aisha Coburn

Do You Believe in The Legends/Stories of God/desses?

I believe in the Gods, but I wasn't sure about the stories and legends that I may read somewhere. Like I've heard through certain legends t…

Started by Curious

8 yesterday
Reply by Hildeburh

Do the Gods take interest in us?

Why would they call out to us if they weren't interested in us, you know? I get when people say they don't know why the Gods would have int…

Started by Curious

2 yesterday
Reply by Hildeburh

Have you ever been contacted or blessed by Venus?

I did a spell where I asked Venus to help me gain confidence, feel more attractive, and to get more attention from men. Oddly enough a week…

Started by lavendermoon

0 yesterday

How to meditate and communicate

Can I meditate and communicate with the Gods and Goddess' without casting a circle and if so how?

Started by Kris

1 on Friday
Reply by Tom

Feeling strong sexual energy in daily life?

I just joined this site a couple days ago.. The last 3 days have felt like a shift. I'm starting to really get to know myself and my streng…

Started by Melanie Love

6 on Thursday
Reply by Callisto

How to contact a God who's calling out to you?

I think I'm being called by Athena. How do I contact her?

Started by Curious

5 on Thursday
Reply by Callisto

Protecting the whole house from Negative energy while performing rituals

I've only made one discussion on here and since then, I've become comfortable enough to correctly cast my circle, invoke my deities and wor…

Started by Rei

5 on Thursday
Reply by Rei

Questions about the Gods!

Sometimes I'll think about the Gods and I wonder if they can hear what I'm thinking even if I'm simply mentioning their name in my mind. W…

Started by Curious

1 on Thursday
Reply by Ragnell


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