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A crisis in faith, and the rights and wrongs of choice

So....for about eight to ten years i have been a proud, outspoken wiccan/pagan. Before this, i was raised baptist/pentacostal. I didnt renounce my faith in Christianity, when i began to practice wicca. Ive experienced things on both sides of the line between Christianity and Wicca, good and bad, miraculous and terrible. I know the bible cover to cover. And i know the portents of my wiccan beliefs just as well. But in recent times ive come to find myself standing in a crossroads. I have felt recently that....maybe both of these faiths are what i need to follow. Not just one or the other...but the question is how? One is inflexible and has no room for other religions or beliefs. The other is accepting of all....i am at a loss.

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Christianity has far more against following another religion alongside it than Wicca does (it even has the passage "One cannot serve two masters" Matt 6:24). That and you cannot successfully meld the two together, where one demands you follow one God, the other allows you the freedom to follow as many or as few as you wish. One has a book by which you must follow in which it contains all the do's and don'ts of life, where the other doesn't have books one must abide by; it allows you the freedom to experience life, both good and bad for yourself. One condemns those who don't follow it to an eternity of fiery torment, where the other doesn't believe in the concept of eternal torture, and could care less if someone wants to follow another religion or not.

The point is, YOU have to reconcile the ideas between following the two. They're very contradictory religions. I know plenty of people want to believe you can have your cake and eat it too, but you can't do it without systematically destroying both religions; you essentially have to pound that round peg into the square hole until neither are recognizable as what they once were. In order to successfully be Wiccan and Pagan, you have to omit key components of one or the other religion in order to successfully meld them together.

Of course, I can't tell you what to do or believe, only you can do that, but all I can tell you is that it's a very difficult thing to do, especially if you want to be faithful to both. The decision is yours, knowing that neither religion will accept you as either if you proclaim you are both. These are just my two cents.

Dear Dakota

It was't long ago someone wrote an interesting article about being Christian and Wiccan at the same time. There I wrote a thorough reply. Others also posed many interesting points as well. Since this is redundant I recommend you read this topic.


I don't want to impose my idea on anybody, but I am always ready to help you find your answer. Always read different Ideas from different system of belief on one topic. The source must be authorized and passed from different filters.

 In my belief, Christianity stole its ideas from other religions specially Mithra-ism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism. I also again insist that you go ahead and read critical ideas about miracles, redemption ,salvage , original sin, confession and other acts and believes which are basis of Christianity.

After years of study, this is my take on Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic religions take away your mind. They don't let you think. They just want absolute obedience. They take away your will, confidence and pride . They take away the wild animal with all passion, sexiness, playfulness, rambunctious  and live side of humanity which is mixed by innocence and love. Finally they turn Humans which were supposed to be all might and beauty, into a sad, sorry, feeble,crying, crashed, miserable slave which cannot resist the orders of their lord or better to put, Hippocrates and liars called clergies. 

I am sorry for Christians and other followers of Abrahamic religions .And I apologize from people who read this and got offended .I hate bashing others belief , but some times I have to. A straight answers is way better that a conservative one. This is Grey Owl.

In my last post by mistake I addressed  Yvhv Rose as Dakota.

Yvhv Rose,

A quick search of the forums with just the key word Christian brought up 673 pages of forums dealing with the topic on this site. Just looking at the first couple pages showed a number of the discussions dealing with fusing paganism and Christianity. You might find some of these discussions beneficial to read, but do understand in the comments you will find skepticism, criticism, and full-on Christian bashing.

The topic of Christianity on this site brings out some strong feelings from folks so try not to take anything too personal.

@Grey Owl - The idea of melding Christianity with the likes of Wicca is problematic. It has nothing to do with Christianity borrowing concepts from earlier Paganism. Christianity is overly strict now with its own concepts and its own rules that it makes it almost impossible to meld it with the modern Pagan religion of Wicca. If you see my example above, you'll see how restrictive modern Christianity is. To meld modern Christianity with modern Paganism causes the systemic destruction of both religions. 

Obviously. That is exactly what I said in my both posts, totally agree with Dakota about systematic problem. But the confusion comes from similarities and easiness of Wicca. Seams you did not read it carefully.

Maybe i should have just kept this to my self. I fully realize the systematic issues between the two. I recognize the problems and issues they have with one another. I fully realize talking about christianity here is a can of worms. I am not so naive to think that talking about the two in tandem would bring trouble. I am honestly just looking for advice or encouragement. How do i deal with this situation, of past and present clashing? How is a person supposed to react when they feel the pull of one thing and then the pull of another? Because that's how it feels now. I feel pulled towards the gentleness,freedom, and lightheartedness of Wicca, but at the same time i feel pulled towards christianity. And i do not know what i should do. I have no example to go by, no point to reference.
What part of Christianity is pulling you?

When blending two of anything it requires a pretty deep understanding of the two original ingredients. A lot of posts discussing this issue are started by people who have poor understandings of both Wicca and Christianity so their result is a hodgepodge that isn't close to either.

The closest I can come to encouragement, since the Christian concept of original sin and redemption by JC is just a non starter for me, is awhile back someone posted a link to a very liberal liberal liberal Christian church which had some discussions linking their beliefs to some pagan beliefs. To be honest, I read their stuff and thought that's not Christianity IMO (I was raised in church that preached fire and brimstone) and it seems you have to toss out the Old Testament to make it work but there are a lot of people who claim to be Christians who find peace on that path. Of course, were I a still a Baptist all those people would be going to Hell. For them the bible is not the actual "word of God" . Read the Wikipedia "Liberal Christianity". Liberal here has absolutely no connection to the political term meaning policies of the Left. Be careful when googling as it tends to hit on political liberals in churches topics vice theological liberalism which is completely different.

I am sorry for showing my wounds. But the my life was scared by religious people. I know I have gone too far. That's why what I said to you, was not helping, though I won't take back a word of what I said since they are not based on emotional concept, but they come out of experience and a life time research. I think the pull you talking about is emotional. Tell you what, if the pull you talking about is something else like social, economical,... then see what is more worth to you otherwise its indeed emotional. I must remind you that in this case the value set is totally different. Something seemingly small and worthless can value more than a mountain of gold for someone. You have three choices . One, turn your emotions off and make comparison soley by logical mind, based on those material values. Two, be emotional. Like a break up, at least one side has to suffer, but it does not mean it's permanent. You can come back to your Christianity and spend a while see if it makes you happy. Three, take your time and make some research. don't waste your time in forums. Start an internal investigation once for real. So far you tried both, see witch one can make you closer to your true purpose. Read and read like a researcher. Free of emotions.  As I said before read different ideas from both sides can be helpful. reading materials from people with same mind set is not helpful. If you live where there is censorship, also try to find independent researchers and so on.  Third way is what I recommend. The way of knowledge. It takes more time, but the result is permanent. And Who said Wicca is the best way for everyone? Who knows what you choose when you get wiser? But if you head my advice, did your research, and choose to be a Christian, head my second advice too. The church always looking for cases like you to make example out of them for others. They usually add some exaggeration and spice to it too. Don't get played.  

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