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Hi everyone.

I have ZERO crystals and am looking for a way to get started.

Is there a place to buy an assorted bag of crystals in one order/spot?

Figured it would be quicker and picking each individual crystal chip.

Thanks in advance!

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I know that you can buy bulk on Amazon, type "assorted crystals" into the search and multiple options pop up. Some sellers are better than others, so check reviews before buying. Earthbound shops used to have bins of loose crystals, I miss those days.

there are many places try looking for a occult shop near you or even a market there is occasionally a stall that sells them

i know getting a bulk of them is a fast way to getting them but you may want to re-think buying them individually as they are like your tools n tarot cards you'll be drawn to the one that works for you

if you buy bulk there is no guarantee that you will be able to work with those crystals coz your energy n theirs may not mix well n so you could not get the best results

Definitely visit a nearby shop in person. To build a strong collection of crystals, you need to handle each one that catches your eye and feel in person whether the energy you sense from that crystal feels soothing, empowering, tingly, or at all cleansing and beneficial to you. Developing personal connections to the crystals for sale by handling them and seeing them in the light will only help your collection grow and become more fabulously powerful and energetic! Bulk crystals are so much fun for tumbling, jewelry, and sometimes energy/crystal work, but I find your collection will be the most beneficial if the first pieces are crystals or stones from a storefront shop. Also, going to the shop means meeting knowledgeable crystal salespeople who can help guide you!

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