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my fisrt baby pssed away  from SIDS when she was about 8 weeks old. that was ten yeas ago I. I got a strange idia to use a Ouija board to try to make contact.( I haven't yet) I as in my pre teen ears last I used one and it scared the life out of me and  haven't messed with one (long story) nor have I aloud one in my home since. but for some reason I want to use one once again ... against my better judgment I sapose. would I even be able to contact her I mean given the fact she was a newborn when she died. ? she would still be a newborn now ... right or would they grow up like in life

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Amber. That's every parent's nightmare, and it's terrible that you had to experience that. Your baby didn't have long in this world, but that was her lifetime. While many people believe that there is life after death, it isn't actually "life." The changes and growth we go through in life don't happen after death. Personally, I believe that we are reincarnated after we die, after staying for a while in another world (one that I have usually heard called the Summerlands in myth and in common Pagan usage today). I would suspect that most likely, your daughter's soul is already getting another chance at life, and is back again in this world, hopefully with a healthy body and a happy, loving family. I can understand wanting to communicate with her, for sure, but I wouldn't expect any answers. You can still tell her how you feel, though, and give her your love. I feel like even if a soul is reincarnated, the love of those who knew them in their previous life must still, somehow, be able to reach them in some way. Write her a letter, if you like. Burn it, or put it into a river that will carry it away. Imagine your message of love being carried to her with the smoke or with the water. Know that it will reach her, whoever and wherever she may be now.

In part it depends on your view of the afterlife. E.g., if you consider reincarnation, likely they have been reborn and living a new life. There are other beliefs ranging from the dead no longer remembering life or no longer having concern for the living to souls going on to higher states of being; or regardless of what happens, reincarnation or not, there can be some infinite part or essence that persists.

instead of an ouija board, what you might consider is ancestor worship. "ancestor" doesn't just mean those who lived in prior generations, it includes all beloved dead. You set up a shrine with images of your honored dead (just make sure the pics don't include anyone still alive) and/or objects that belonged to them (something strongly connected to them) and make offerings (things they found pleasing in life - food, drink, story, song, etc.) and prayers, then commune/talk with them. Be patient and consistent and you'll probably learn what you need to know.

To lose an infant must have been devastating, and I can appreciate even after 10 years has elapsed.

If the first experience of Ouija boards was a frightening one then your better judgement is probably the one to follow, the subject of Ouija boards is controversial, some have good experiences some don't, never felt the need to consult one myself, and from conversations with people who use them, it's lucky dip what spirit you communicate with, that's my take on that part.

As for contacting an infant sprit, well, at 8 weeks old the infant has an undeveloped conscious, 0-7 are known as the imprint years, when the conscious mind starts to develop, I'm not saying impossible, and I appreciate your desire to know they are safe and well, I also believe in reincarnation, and that they may well be alive and happy in a new incarnation, all I can say outside of that is when I feel anguish or feel lie giving up, I just say to myself Trust Universe.

Other than that I can only sympathise with what it must feel like for a parent to lose a child, your story actually brought tears to my eyes and I'm sure everyone else on WT, would empathise with you. lol

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