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Hello. I am currently exploring my ancestry and I learned that much of my family came from Glamorganshire. I see that the Dynian Mwyn tradition is primarily in Northern Wales. I am struggling to find the Wiccan tradition is South Wales. Any information would be helpful. Any book, website, or other recommendations would be great as well.

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You won't find anything because Wicca is not an ancient tradition, what we know as Wicca dates back to the early 20th century (at most to the late 19th century) and it's a practice that was found in a particular part of England, not practiced in other parts of Britain.

"Wicca" and "witchcraft" are not exclusive synonyms rather "witchcraft" is an umbrella term for a multitude of folk practices that were typically distinct to their region and/or culture and often are unrelated to one another. A book that can give you an overview of Wicca's specific history and development is Ronald Hutton's Triumph of the Moon. :)

The best way to find out about your ancestors' possible practices is to delve into your family's genealogy and see who you can identify and what you can learn about them along with learning about the folk customs and history of the regions they were from. That will be research that's primarily in history, literature, archaeology, etc. and not in the New Age/Neopagan sections.

Good luck!

I can't really add much to Callisto's post. The earliest generation in your family to practice Wicca would possibly be a grandparent (if not a great grandparent)...no further back than that. As she said, it's not an ancient religion (few legitimate Wiccans would ever suggest it was). Surely there may be Pagans further back in your family line, but they wouldn't be Wiccan.

Thank you! I should have typed witchcraft instead of Wicca. I think I was thinking there was a strong Celtic tradition as well. It looks like I have a lot more research to do. I know Wales does have a history of persecuting "witches" as does England. I will keep digging. I found some good book titles that I will start with. One title I found sounds really neat - Legends of Porthcawl and the Glamorgan Coast.

Wales had very few witch trials. A book that could help in your research is A History of Magic and Witchcraft in Wales: Cunningmen, Cursing Wells, Witches and Warlocks by Richard Suggett.

Okay. Funny, I just saw a title about the dark history of witch trials in Wales. I studied Medieval history in college, so I am familiar with the Malleus Maleficarum and the difference between what Americans tend to think the witch trials are like due to the Salem witch trials and what they were actually like in England. Of course this was years ago and not my focus of study, so it is a bit fuzzy. Unfortunately, the program I was in did not talk much of Wales. So I am clueless about that history. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm excited to get reading!

I'd recommend reading the Mabinogi to learn about Welsh mythology. The Patrick Ford translation is the one my original HPS recommended to me when I started studying with her coven, before I was initiated. You can find cheaper copies used online.

Thank you Bad Seed!!!

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