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Hellenismos.org reports that a major accomplishment has been achieved by Ypato Symboulio Ellinon Ethnikon aka YSEE (in English: The Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes). YSEE is one of the organizations in Greece devoted to the reestablishment of Hellenic polytheism and would have it regain proper recognition there:

Yesterday the Secretary of the Supreme council of ethnic Hellenes (YSEE) announced that after more than twenty years of struggle, the Greek state has finally recognized the Hellenic Religion as a «known religion» according to paragraph 17 – the only form of recognition for a religion in Greece. The mentioned paragraph includes the permission to build a temple as well as the right of «public exercise» of any recognized religion. The recognition of Hellenic Religion as a «known religion» is only the first step towards a general recognition of Hellenism. Now the YSEE at Athens is still waiting for recognition as a religious statutory body in Greece. The Supreme council of ethnic Hellenes will approach the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg if the state leaves them no other choice, said its Secretary.


Previously, adherents often had to hide their devotion to the gods and were not permitted to build (or restore) public temples to the gods. So this grants YSEE the ability to establish a place of worship in Athens, though that is still another hurdle to overcome. As Vlassis Rassias, the General Secretary of YSEE, explained in an interview with the Wildhunt:

We are now under the protection of the law, to the same degree as the other 5 – 6 non-christian religions that are already classified as “known religions” in our country. We can henceforth register our children at the Registry Office as belonging to the Hellenic Ethnic Religion, and we shall perform hellenic wedding rituals with full legal value. We still remain though a Non-profit Organization, not a religious statutory body. As a religious statutory body, that is what for the time being is denied to us, we will function more properly in the matters that concern our Religion and, of course, we won’t pay every year the 500 – 1000 euros chargeable since 2011 by the indebted Greek State on all the Non-profit Organizations.

Read the full interview here:

To give you an idea of how it's been, here's a news segment from about 10 years ago (embedding was disabled) - https://youtu.be/617qc8gmta8

HBO’s VICE series did a segment on YSEE in 2015:

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Oh how wonderful. Yay for Greece and Hellenists. 

Good to see! :)

I read about this on The Wild Hunt and was absolutely thrilled!

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