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How to deal with trolls in the chat room and on the forums.

Greetings and Salutations guys


It has come to my attention lately that we have had an increasing number of trolls both in the chat as well as on the forums. Unfortantly on a site as large as this and one that is open to all walks of life you are going to find the occasional trouble maker....alas, for us...this always seems to get worse near the holidays for some silly reason. Whatever the cause for their sudden pop up I thought I would remind people of a few simple things that will make handling them much easier.


1) First and formost. DON'T FEED THE TROLLS. If you have to, think of them as gremlins and what those cute little buggers turn into if fed after midnight. Now for those of you who are new to the site and don't know what I mean by don't feed them I will make it very easy. DON'T TALK TO THEM. Trolls come into the chat and say nasty things in hopes of provoking our members with their hate and dicontent. By answering them, even if by doing something as simple as telling them to hush and go away ..only serves to provoke them into further comments. In a sense you are giving them exactly what they want. If you ignore them completely and continue on with your own conversation most of the time they will become bored and go away. I am aware that some of them resort to pming members and calling them names....unfortantly we have no way of stopping them pming you..but you do have the power to simply ignore the blinking window. Show them that you are the better person and do not stoop to their levels.


2) On the forums as of late I have been noticing some very disturbing posts that have included but are not limited to..back biting, name calling as well as content that encourages doing things that are flat out stupid such as playing the "choking game". I try to keep up with the forums and put a stop to things I see but keep in mind that with a community this size things are going to get posted that neither Brian nor myself are going to see. First off, if you do not like someone, I encourage you to simply NOT TALK TO THEM. Secondly, try to keep the dicussions on point to the original posting. I will also remind everyone who starts a discussion that you do have the power to delete comments from your own thread. If you see things getting out of hand I suggest simply deleting the offensive comments rather than leaving them to stir up drama.


3) As always, if there is a problem that gets out of hand and you think it needs a mod to take a look at it please feel free to contact Brian or myself via page comments or site email. We don't make it a habit of ignoring things, we just don't always know about them. We count on all of you to let us know if things happen when we aren't around.


If we can all keep to a few key "rules" we can hopefully beginning weeding out the problems instead of letting trolls cause our members to beginning snipping at each other.



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How do you avoid the real-life ones? (Family/unsupportive people I live with)

i was wondering about maybe a different type of troll. people who tell you a sob story (usually made of fiction) and try to get you to cast spells for them or feel sorry for them or just generally make you stop and wonder what the heck did I just read. I had a problem like this once where someone pmed me and said they wanted me to do a spell that would make them like being a certain way (im trying not to go into too many details for their privacy sake) but sufficed to say, it bothered me that this person didn't even know me and assumed I did magic (which I do) and that I would use it to change them into being something they weren't and using magic to make them like being (insert possibly sexual orientation changing attitude here) (which I wouldn't ever ever ever do cause that's just wrong to use magic to mess with people) and couldn't understand that it doesn't work that way. eventually I just said all I can do is pray to the gods and hope they help you reach a path of happiness and health. and then I turned off my comp and went to bed. I think I did the right thing by ignoring it but how do you I guess deal with it when this happens to you? if it ever has happened to you.

I two have gotten some strange emails and it is always from men. Literally never gotten a strange one from a women on here.

These guys start off so normal and casual and then start talking about demons following them around for some time. Or being the favorite "child" of a divine being, protected from death , giving them powers strong enough to kill, being other kin, ect. I am usually insulted by this.

To me is say "Hey I saw your pic and you seem gullible. Let me chat you up and create a magical story about myself to peak your interest. Girls love guys with magical back stories right? Vamps and demons are in right?  Maybe she will fall for my fantasy and think I am amazing. I'll just tell her a bunch of Bull".

I unfriend them as soon as that happens and I don't add anyone that only has hundreds of female friends on here. This has cut down on the number of people that try to pull that stunt with me.

While it's very true that things escalate and drama ensues when trolls are 'fed', I would like to point out that what is perceived as 'trolling' can be subjective. But that's when you opt to not talk to someone if they're baiting you in a comments or in the chatroom. 

But I would like to take a moment to say what I think counts as 'trolling':

1. Flooding forum posts with excessive comments.

2. Posting comments that are hostile (name-calling, taunting, personal attacks, insults, excessive profanity, excessive sarcasm), vulgar or are otherwise annoying to other members. 

3. Looking at someone's page info and then using that info to smear them in comments. 

4. Posting comments that are off-topic.

5. Posting an entire comment in all caps. Seriously, this is annoying.

6. Sending PMs that are cruel, pesky or intended to upset in any way. 

Honestly, I think half of the time trolls don't realize they're trolls. I think they exploit the fact that you are not speaking to them in person and rather are on a computer hundreds of miles away... They exploit this by saying things they would never say to someone's face because they know that it's the internet and there will be no real consequences. In their minds, they're just having fun... But it's also true that there of plenty of trolls who DO know that they're trolls and do what they do for the sheer thrill of upsetting people with no real consequences. Also, because many of them have a very distorted self-image and see themselves as entitled to treat others in a cruel fashion. 

Also, here's what I think does NOT count as trolling:

1. Posting a comment expressing an opposing point of view.

2. Posting a comment agreeing with someone else who expressed an opposing point of view.

3. Pointing out flaws in someone's argument, so long as such comments are expressed in a civil manner. 

I hope I'm not stepping on the admins' toes by posting this, but I thought it would be helpful.


I see trolls on very many websites of all kind. If there is a way to set up the site, where you can report a post, it would help the Admins or Mods remove posts from trolls.

Is there any way to sticky this thread? Because once Summer Vacation hits, that is when such activity is going to ramp up. I know this due to the fact that I have frequented some of the discussion sites that have the word Chan included in their name. Even though suffice to say, trolling is a common occurrence; especially on their so called /b/ (a.k.a.) Random boards. I most certainly agree that the best action to take, is to ignore the Troll and report them to the Moderators immediately.
Bumping this up. We recently had someone posting nasty comments on random people's post. STOP FEEDING THE TROLL. Your innocent comments imply the random victim did something to provoke the incident. Your replies bump the trolls comments to the top of the activities list.
Thankfully, the threads that troll posted on here, were removed. It is dumbfounded how some people that are supposed to be adults; end up resorting to such childish behavior.
I had meant to say dumbfounding, not dumbfounded.

I generally just type obscenities at them lol.I am a man of few talents but the two I prize the most are my witt and my charm.I also bestow the power of the shit talk lol

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