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Someone asked me once or twice or maybe three times, who is Jesus to me then? My answer is this, I think Jesus was a fine guy. It would have taken a very strong guy to go against the powerful religious leaders of that and all while being occupied by an invading country. He must have been very magnetic to bring oppressed people together like that. Now, with that said. I don't worship him and I don't think he was a supernatural person. I think all of that stuff came long after he lived and it had a lot to do with the changing political tide of that day.

Do I think its wrong to worship Jesus, no. If it works for you and your happy, then it is right. The hard part is getting others to give me the same leeway about my beliefs and how I choose to "worship' As for Jesus, I will always respect him or any of the many others who stood up in oppressive times and fought what was right and struggled to help the masses

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I think you have pretty much summed up the way many of us percieve Jesus; as historical figure, prophet and/ or son of the Christian god.

Unfortunately intolerance lies at the heart of monotheism, the central dogma being that there is only one god.

He's alright by me, too.
Anyone who thumbed his nose at the patriarchy and kept company with the poor and prostitutes because he saw their inherent worth as people is a figure I can respect.
So well said!

Yup, if he existed as a historical person, the stuff we have written about him makes him sound like he was a pretty impressive spiritual leader and peaceful revolutionary. Nothing against that. But Jesus-as-deity isn't really anyone I have anything to do with. No problems with those who do: I judge people by how they treat others and how they act, not by whom they worship.

Thanks, now I've got the Doobie Brothers stuck in my head. 

Lol, there could be worse songs I guess. I've actually been singing the song that they played over and over to Daryl on the walking dead to make him go nuts. If you watch it, the one about "easy Street". Everytime I do it, I just shake my head and say, you wierdo
I have no problem with Jesus either .Even though I am a pagan I love him.
I do not believe in original sin. I do not believe I am damned to hellfire because Adam ate fruit.While I believe in moral and immoral I do not believe my thoughts and actions can be a sin. I do not believe I could be sent to eternal punishment for the way I live this life. I do not believe another can erase any black mark on the soul one has earned, if it is even possible to earn a black mark.

Therefore the whole idea that Christ died for my sins is hogwash and the story that he sacrificed himself for others is rejected. I do not believe in the Divinity of Jesus over that of any other person.
If he performed any miracles then I believe the ability to do those same miracles resides within all of us and the greatest lies of Christianity are that Jesus was more than any other man, that we are born unworthy of divine and only able to come to the divine through a third person, and that this divinity asks anything of us other than an appreciation of it's presence.

I can't say I love him, but I have enormous respect for him as a man and as a rabbi.  I pretty much agree with Tom though, regarding the religion that sprang up around the poor man. It seems to me like a painful legacy.

Jamie jodoin said:

I have no problem with Jesus either .Even though I am a pagan I love him.

This thread started as a positive thread saying something nice about the religious leader of others.

But, inevitably, some people will inject their negativity and try to set the bridge on fire.  

Well the humane races bridge has been burning for awhile. I like to hope that we, the pagan community is the hope that is humans will stop thinking that we are superior and can do whatever​ we want to ourselves and other species. I know I've gone off topic a bit but this is my hope, that everyone will recognize the good. Thanks for being brave enough to say it.
I guess I may have gone a little off topic. If you want a nice chat about Jesus there's Loy's of Christian boards around though so though whole thread is really off topic anyway. . My point was, what was so special about Jesus other than a religion of lies and fear spread in his name. We could talk about John Muir or Thoreau

But excuse me John, I'm assuming you were referring to me with your nameless sniping personal attacks. At least my post related to the topic tangentially and yours is just pointless bitching about others having an opinion different from yours. Were you trying to attack someone besides me? Or was your attack aimed at me?

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