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Someone asked me once or twice or maybe three times, who is Jesus to me then? My answer is this, I think Jesus was a fine guy. It would have taken a very strong guy to go against the powerful religious leaders of that and all while being occupied by an invading country. He must have been very magnetic to bring oppressed people together like that. Now, with that said. I don't worship him and I don't think he was a supernatural person. I think all of that stuff came long after he lived and it had a lot to do with the changing political tide of that day.

Do I think its wrong to worship Jesus, no. If it works for you and your happy, then it is right. The hard part is getting others to give me the same leeway about my beliefs and how I choose to "worship' As for Jesus, I will always respect him or any of the many others who stood up in oppressive times and fought what was right and struggled to help the masses

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I've heard these questions being asked a lot too. And I've heard a different variety of answers to these questions. Of those who are not exactly a Christian, there we have those who say"ya Jesus was this or that. And we respect the guy" because they have/had a Christian background they want to hold on to their past. Many, unfortunately, tend to think that their belief or their past is part of them. Therefore denying that part would lead to self denying. Some also want to take side of their fellow company and not offend them. So to be in the safe side they would tell you that he was a nice guy. But hear this too.Considering others feeling about their religion is a nice thing. If you go back in history you will see how religion of peace (ie Islam) and religion of love (ie Christians) treated against others religions when they had/have power to do so. Therefor it really depends on who is asking and where are you going to answer such question. since most of people here are not Christian, hopefully you can give a straight answer to this question. My dear friend Bad Seed said "if he existed as a historical person" which by the way he didn't, then your feeling would be meaningless. Now I don't bring here reasons for that, But I did not either say that there were no person around 2000 years ago named Jesus. In my view , which is based on historical evidences and logical reasoning rather than emotional or speculations based on my past, there could be such person. But again the myth of messiah figure is a made up one. Same evolution happened to many other religions too. after finding these reasons, it is up to you to continue on your quest as a seeker of knowledge to find more or cease your previous attitude.

For the second question regarding"the hardest part" I say it is hard to through away what you believe (ie denying yourself). Those who are brought up in closed minded families/societies and do not have inclination to question, are very unlike to change. In my experience do not push yourself hard. and if these "others" live with you, don't share your Idea about Jesus.It is most likely you get a bad result.

I just have one question: which Jesus?

Some ceremonialist types talk about Christ as a solar deity, which may or may not have much of anything to do with the Jesus a lot of us are familiar with.

Historical figure? That's too hard to figure out, there's a different version of that guy every other week depending on which scholar you ask.

How about modern Jesus, who happens to resemble an actor who played him in a movie decades ago and would be too bishounen (pretty) to ever be a carpenter? He's a joyful revolutionary or a stuffy critical figure in different churches, which one aligning conveniently with the personality of his worshiper.

Hopefully you don't mean scary Jesus, Inc. The corporate shill straight out of Fahrenheit 451 and money-obsessed megachurches.

I have no problem with people following him, though I find that very few actually do, or Xianity would have more to do with kindness and benevolence than it historically has.

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