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So the short story my youngest son was taken to me under false pretents and bc i live in nh the law does not require proof to take gaurdianship. So i have court tomorrow and i need a spell that i can use to enchant a penny with strong good luck. Please help me im not having the best monthand the only thing that will nake it great is for my baby biy to come home

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Take twenty deep breaths. Begin each deep breath right at the end of your last exhale. It should be a continuous and controlled stream of air, coming in and rolling out of you like the waves of the infinite ocean. Feel your feet on the floor. Hold the penny in a relaxed hand, maybe even over your heart.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to become sensitive to what the copper is telling you – copper is a strong healing conductor and will want to reflect back to you the intention that you put into it.

While a spell cannot redirect fate or change all outcomes, it can certainly push the situation onto the most positive track – what I'm trying to say is that everything will eventually come full circle. Acknowledge this with your breathing while you hold the penny. Enter a conversation with the copper. Express that you truly need its help, and that it has a marvelous opportunity to fulfill a deep, divine service to you. Express that you are grateful for the copper, and that you are grateful that it is here to help you. On the final exhales, begin to walk in a circle with the penny in hand. With each circle you make, imagine that you are enclosing and sealing in the best outcomes... the outcomes you want... your "luck."

If you would like, you can incorporate whatever initial tradition or sealing/clearing ritual you would like. For me, this means smudging my home with sage or burning a favorite candle, and commanding the space for my magick.

I hope this helps! All love, all light, and all peace. Blessings and true luck to you.

You're saying that in New Hampshire parental guardianship can be taken away without substantive proof and an investigation?

I think she's likely saying that a child can be taken from its parents and given to other guardians based on what she considers to be a lack of substantive proof that this is necessary.

Serafina said:

You're saying that in New Hampshire parental guardianship can be taken away without substantive proof and an investigation?

Yes no one spoke to me the two women went and filed and was granted on hear say my worst fear came true

My magic isn't strong this week for I've been stressed and can't focus so I'm also asking for all my wiccan community to say a spell for me and my youngest son. I just want my baby home.

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