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Recently our new memberships have skyrocketed. We are getting close to 100 new sign ups per day.
Please take the time to say hello to our new members as this place can be overwhelming for new members.

The Wiccantogether.com team.

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Hello I'm new here also am seeking the wooded path of least traveled

hi there same here

Thank you for adding me and hello to everyone from Bedfordshire here in the U.K. Blessed Be.

im new here and im cyphrix umbra o.o

Merry meet! I'm new too, and very relived to be part of some sort of community. Being from the bible belt, I don't have many to talk to related to my spirituality. I look forward to meeting some of you. Blessed Be.

Hello.. I'm not really new, but I may as well be! I haven't been active in a couple of years, but decided now is a good time to be again. I hope to make new friends, learn, and share what I know. Blessings to all!

hi.....I'm Luna....I'm not exactly a new member...I joined a couple of years ago but never became active...I've been a witch a looong time...probably since before you were born...lol....pretty new to hinesville Georgia also. I just love talking to like minded people...I'm very much out of the closet...everyone pretty much knows I'm Wiccan....I don't know or care to know what others think about it....but I love meeting others of my tribe....bright blessings to all

hi luna I am Balendu and I am also wiccan however I am just recently declared as a wiccan....any advice?


yes.....don't spend a lot of time trying to make people understand your religion....most people ARE gonna believe you are a devil worshipper regardless...although it's nothing like when I was young....there were no movies back then about witches except horror movies. Also, don't worry if some of your beliefs come and go....it's not like Christianity where you're scared of having doubts in case of going to hell. I don't believe everything in Wicca...but it's the closest religion in keeping with what I believe one last thing...no manipulative magick. I'm always here if u need me...blessed be

thx.....I also have yet to start my year and a day.......what should I do?......I feel kind of embarrassed for asking.....

Welcome to all the new members :D

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