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I am just going to get straight to the point. Trolls are GOING to get through, it doesn't matter how well we peruse the members pages or how many mods are in the chat room.  I have been getting more and more complaints about Mods not being around 24/7. Honestly guys, there is no reason a Mod should have to sit on site just to tell people when to behave. The site doesn't need more Mods, it needs more mature people. A troll comes into the chat room and instead of using the nifty little IGNORE feature that Ning has so wonderfully installed into the chat....I see members egging it on, antagonizing the troll then whining and fussing when they won't go away. Why should they? You are giving them the very attention that they are craving. The simple thing would be to /ignore them and then go on with your regular conversation. 

Now then, the forums don't come with an ignore but it does come with other features...the person who started the forum post can REMOVE any trollish posts with a simple click of a button. Also, no one is FORCING any of you to respond..the site may not have an ignore button but you do. If you just skip over the post as though it simply isn't there, then there isn't really a problem is there? Now of course, if a troll pops up on the forums please feel free to let us know. Drop me an email, post on my page or just pm me in chat, even if I am not active I will find the post when I return and handle. In the mean time please exercise a little common sense and STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS!!

Thank you and have a nice day -

Syn (chat Mod and site Admin)

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Yes ma'am.

thank you Sargo hun <3

I'm just so proud of everyone for not answering to the ones where they try to sell you drugs without prescriptions online. Not even one reply for them ^_^


That is so true and I think they are also learning that out on Facebook. :-)  You can't change someone's mind if you try beating them up.  That would go both ways. :-)  And you said, that is what they are wanting to disrupt the conversation and to make it no longer enjoyable.  It is like they want all of us to just go away. 

On Facebook, you do have those that believe in standing up for either what they believe in (the gays and bisexuals are getting hit) or for their beliefs.  Both are honorable in their intentions, but at times things do get ugly.  Maybe not as bad as here.  But we are all feeling the pressure. 

I may be new but to do understand the meaning of the bundle of sticks.  An individual stick will break.  But if the sticks are bundle and hold together then they are stronger.  Each one of us are sticks but if we stay together then we will be stronger and be able to make it through this.

"..the site may not have an ignore button but you do." :P

Merry Meet Deodhet!

Yeah,  I've learnt to ignore the garbage. :-)  And for the most part, it does work.  Though my daughter doesn't see how I do it. :-)  But I just tell her, "years of practice"...  But there are those that believe highly in their position and that is understandable too.  Those that decide to come to a site and do such things should know that they will get whiplash for even talking that way on this site, especially. 

It's really a no win situation, but as you said there is the "ignore" button in all of us and that is how it should be.  At times, it is better to use laughter than it is to use anger. That is the other thing that I am trying to teach her, but that sometimes just comes with age, just like the "ignore" button.

I do understand your point of view.  And I know it is a long shot that I do hope there can be some type of understanding between all groups or a way to block those that don't want to actually be here and a part of this wonderful community.  Though we can all keep praying that one day that does happen.  Merry Meet Again!  Blessed Be

Mods have lives, they eat, they sleep anyone who thinks a mod should be available 24/7 should be willing to foot the folks a paycheck! I bet ya they wont...so they need to get over it. 

Understood ^^

How I Am Like a Troller and How I Am Not: An Honest Self-Evaluation

I do not engage in flooding except sometimes in chat since I can type REALLY fast+accurately so I out-do others present and effectively flood the chatspace without trying to drive others out. I don't do this without limiting myself, however, especially if someone complains.

I do not attack regulars in the group, though at times I will pick up on the contentions which are regarded as standards, conventions, or truths, and question them, which can become interpreted as 'picking on them' or 'questioning with insufficient knowledge what your Elders are saying' (whether or not they are actually my elders in some temporal sense).

I do not attempt to divide and conquer, though at times when I begin to mention the philosophical complexities inherent to some of what is being passed off as 'knowledge', I notice that a divergence may arise and people may become upset about this dissonance of differentiated opinion, blaming me for it.

I do not attempt to make myself the saviour of the group, but when a trouble-maker arrives and tries to stir up drama or begins rudeness, I may sometimes engage them one on one in order to find out why they are doing it and distract them from their previous irritating behaviour before turning them over to a moderator (with whom I am often pleased to work) or begin, and recommend, ignoring them.

I do not tend to try to impress others with my knowledge, but I do like to network information and since I'm old enough and keep reservoirs of information around there will often be times with respect to esoteric information that I may have some leads on what someone is asking for.

I do not threaten people. I am a pacifist and abide the Rede even though I have a pact with Satan for mutual self-defense. I do not spread rumours, and in fact eshew private messaging in part because I oppose secrecy and rumour-mongering. I do not break newsgroup policies if they are stated, and tend to run aground *unstated* policies people impose upon me due to their incompetence, later claiming that they 'had to' make new rules just to deal with people like me (i.e. they didn't get along with me and used the institution of their secret rules to take it out on me).

I do not post under many aliases within a venue, but I have used many aliases or pseudonyms (keyed to the subjects of discussion) for many years, in part as a pursuit of humility. I do not disguise my headers and in fact often go out of my way to connect up my expressions in headers to my legal name and email account (nagasiva@ something). The exception to this has been in recent years when I took on the nickname 'Troll' to reclaim the Scandanavian origin of the term and relegate the fishing term 'troller' to its rightful spot, and so used the email troll@satanservice.org to pursue particular and deliberate vectors of communication.

Thus I say that

Trolls are WITCHES, and trollers are fishers after emotional response. The mean-spirited portrayal of trolls as predatory manipulators is unfair and I am protesting it in part through the use of this name, comparing it with 'witch' and 'satanist'.

I don't think that I have serious personal issues. I think that I am after a somewhat humorous but potentially valuable aim: taking the punch out of the epithet and getting folks to think about what we're really doing when calling someone a troll. I tend not to go where I am being shunned.

I agree that the best way to deal with trollers is to ignore them. I negotiate interactive boundaries with trollers and try to educate them as to how they might have meaningful interactions about substance if they spent some time at it, and try to be forgiving of what they are doing in terms of disruption before clicking 'ignore'.


Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism


I find the chatroom to be a lot of BS and especially dealing with control freak mods and control freaks in the chat room.  That is why I stay out of there.  besides, subjects concerning Wicca and the craft are rarely ever discussed there.  Usually it is a bunch of immature teenagers who know nothing about the craft flirting with one another.  Also too I find the usual inhabitants of chat a bunch of suck ups to some Mod on a power trip.  The chat room in this particular web site is not conducive to learning anything about the craft.  

Did you take the time to try to understand what the moderators in chat are seeking to promote and achieve? It's easy to blast them for trying to steer or drive conversation on certain topics, but if you slow down and ask questions you'll find there are some valuable motivations involved. :)

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