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Greetings and Salutations.

I am just going to get straight to the point. Trolls are GOING to get through, it doesn't matter how well we peruse the members pages or how many mods are in the chat room.  I have been getting more and more complaints about Mods not being around 24/7. Honestly guys, there is no reason a Mod should have to sit on site just to tell people when to behave. The site doesn't need more Mods, it needs more mature people. A troll comes into the chat room and instead of using the nifty little IGNORE feature that Ning has so wonderfully installed into the chat....I see members egging it on, antagonizing the troll then whining and fussing when they won't go away. Why should they? You are giving them the very attention that they are craving. The simple thing would be to /ignore them and then go on with your regular conversation. 

Now then, the forums don't come with an ignore but it does come with other features...the person who started the forum post can REMOVE any trollish posts with a simple click of a button. Also, no one is FORCING any of you to respond..the site may not have an ignore button but you do. If you just skip over the post as though it simply isn't there, then there isn't really a problem is there? Now of course, if a troll pops up on the forums please feel free to let us know. Drop me an email, post on my page or just pm me in chat, even if I am not active I will find the post when I return and handle. In the mean time please exercise a little common sense and STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS!!

Thank you and have a nice day -

Syn (chat Mod and site Admin)

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Petomai said:

Brilliant post, it's sometimes easy to fall victim to a troll and we should all exercise our ability to detect them before falling into their trap. Some trolls are extremely obvious but some are easy to mistake for legitimate human beings.

you made me laugh thank you for that, have a great day! I never go to chatrooms it's waste of time and time is precious.

Why stop feeding them? I thought if you rubbed the gem on their cute bellies you got to make a wish :D

Early 90's kids will get that one :D

Sure does

;) I am happy someone got that joke :D

Oh :D. I thought I just made a joke not many people got :D

Those things use to be such a craze. Now I look at the few I have left and I just don't get why they were to popular. :)

So cute! I am picturing little Edan, studying hard with a little troll on his pencil. XD 

I think because of your last picture, I picture "kid you" with gold ringlet curls. :D

Super cute :D

I typically feed the trolls in my way lol.I will take these words to heart and cease my trash talk abilities for the sake of this site that I appreciate so much.

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