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I got a message from a Stacy Balamba here on this site requesting I email her. I'm an idiot, so I did.

I received two emails from this person, both with photos attached to it, which I've included.

"Hello my dear,

How is your day today? My name is Miss Stacy Balamba, 24 years of age, i am the only child of Late Dr Senyonjo Balamba of Democratic Republic of Congo, my father was the minister for commerce and industry to our former Head of State. My purpose of contacting you is first, i want to know more about you so that i will know the areas you will be of assistance to my needs.

I have some reasonable amount of money which my parents left for me before their untimely death, i want to plan for my future by investing this money in a good and profitable business but I don’t know where to start and that is why I got interested in contacting you hoping that you will be kind and sincere to me by leading me through the right process to see that this money is not wasted because it is my only hope of planning for my future. Please, don’t be surprise or scared because all my words are very sincere and I will prove it as we communicate along.

Though i don't know you in person but your assurance can motivate me to tell you everything about the money i want to invest and to go into this investment with you by my side. i have no experience in terms of any foreign investment but I wish you could be honest to me because i am afraid of choosing the wrong business or loose this money. As soon as i receive your respond we will decide on the next line of action. You will know me more as we communicate along and I will also send more of my pictures. I attach my picture to enable you know who you are communicating with.

Thanks for your understanding, hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,


"Hello my dear,

How are you, hope that you are fine? my dear i am happy to hear from you, right now i am in a critical condition, so all i am looking for is someone that can help get me out of this terrible situation that have taken my Happiness away, please dear all i want from you is to help get me out this camp, and also on how to transfer this money to your account in your country.

My Dear, i thought about it for months before taking this very step and i pray that things will work out good between us. The detail is that my father serve as a minister for commerce and industry to our former Head of State before he died. His sad moment occurred during the war in my country Democratic republic of Congo Africa, when he was murdered in his room along side with my mother.

After the burial of my parents, i faced a very hard time because no body seems to care for me, the situation became worst when raping and cold blood killing became the order of the day. luckily i escaped to Senegal by the help of a reverend sister who took me to a refugee camp where i am residing now in Senegal. When my father was alive he deposited the sum of $5.7( Five Million, seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars) in a bank, which he used my name as the next of kin.

I came here with the statement of account and my late father death certificate. As my condition became unbearable, i went to the bank for them to release some of the fund to me but they clearly told me that my father deposited the money under a comprehensive clause bond coverage that (1) I must attain the age of thirty years, (2) Get married or (3) I should present a foreigner who will help me transfer and invest the fund in a good business abroad.

I tried to explain my reasons for contacting them about the fund but they don't care to know what i am passing through since the death of my parents, all they advised me is to look for a reliable person who will help me in the transfer as they cannot go against the already stipulated conditions given by my late father and they promise to co-operate with any person of my choice when ever they are contacted for the transfer and that is why i contacted you to stand as my partner before the bank and transfer the money to your bank account in your country.

You as my helper will have nothing to regret. Please try and give me all your information's below so that i can give you the contact of the bank.

YOUR FULL NAME-------------------
YOUR PHONE NUMBER----------------
YOUR NATIONALITY-----------------
YOUR AGE-------------------------
The above information will enable me to send a letter to the bank, This letter will allow them recognized you when you are acting on my behalf, Upon receiving this information i will send to you the contact of the bank, so that you can contact them for the transfer of the fund.
Note that all i have said are word of sincere, i am confident in this. You can call me with the Reverend telephone number (+221772730554) his name is Reverend. Richard Theophilus and his email address is (rev_theophilus@yahoo.com) he is the Reverend that is taking care of the refugee camp where i am staying. And whenever you call me, please tell him that you want to speak with Miss Stacy and he will send for me in the women hostel to come and answer your call. I send my picture to you
Your sincerely,

The second email alarmed me, so I Googled the Reverend she mentioned and came up on this website.


Sorry if this is a lot of crap to cram in everyone's face, I just want help keep others from getting scammed. :P

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Thanks for letting me know :)

I'm pretty sure this person is still a member of this site under the name Miss Stacy

Thanks for letting us know. MNSBC did a special on these types of scams. I can't believe people fall for this, but they do.

Hi i got the exact same email from miss Stacy, same pictures and all,

i am so glad that i did not reply thirder with this lady/man who ever is behind it,

cant believe people are so low in to scaming

Oh I get those all the time, and it always includes the line: "I found your email address on wiccantogether.com" DESPITE the fact I am certain I don't have it published on this site anywhere.

Anyway, this scam uses literally hundreds on email addresses to act as this woman, so use common sense with your email - if you don't know the sender just delete it without opening!

I have been on here for... what.. a year now, or close to it?  And I still get the random email like that from time to time.  Just be sure to report these messages so that they will get booted.  Even though they may just apply for a new account, but at least report it so no one else might get caught up in something bad.

Wow, that's an intensely detailed scam. Sounds like a movie.

I got an email from her too. Thing is I responded with the intention of trolling the vajeebus out of this person/bot

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