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So, about 3 weeks ago I started having issues with my boyfriend. I wasn't really wanting to hang out, I was getting annoyed by his texts, and I just wanted my time with my friends.  As it turned out, my heart just wasn't in the relationship anymore.  I felt like we were more like friends than anything else and everything else was just an illusion. Last Tuesday I was planning on breaking up with him (after we had been dating for over a year).

On that Tuesday morning, my anxiety was through the rough, because I had felt so negative and so heartbroken on what I had to do.  I decided to go to one of my favorite crystal shops with a friend and then go get more books on garden rituals. I was telling my friend Autumn, who decided to tag along how it was so weird that the last few days I kept finding dragonflies on my bad porch (which was screened in) and then at work (Starbucks) a dragonfly flew into my hair! I got him out and let him go, though. Anywho. As I was telling her this in the book shop, she picks up a book on spirit guides.  She decides, on a whim, to turn to dragonflies and what it said gave me goosebumps.

It read, "The relationship closest to your heart is an illusion. You must let go, for the sake of your own happiness.  The healing process begins with the craft.  There is going to be big change in your life very very soon."

At that point, I shut the book and put it back. I don't believe in coincidences, but that hit too close to home, I almost started bawling.  Then I reached up and grabbed a book called, "A spell a Day" by Cassandra Eason.  I opened it to a random page to see what it was about and the ritual I was staring at actually made me cry. 

It was titled, "To end a relationship, or mark a divorce" The ritual called for three candles, a thread, and a bowl.  The instructions were:

1. Light the big candle and say, "The bonds between us were strong, but now the link is gone, in peace and harmony."

2.Light the two smaller candles from the large one. For the first candle, say,"So do/will you live apart from me, but still in harmony." For the second, "So do/will I live apart from you, and peace renew."

3.Hold the two ends of the thread so the center is the flame of the center candle and say, "The bonds between us were strong, but now the link is a gone, in peace and harmony."

4.Drop the burned thread in the bowl and extinguish the central candle and say, "The flame of love fades away and so we go our separate ways, with gratitude for the good times we shared."

5. Let the two other candles burn through and bury the halves in separate places in the garden or in two planters.

I bought the book and I really want to do this ritual, but I need help giving it a personal twist. Any suggestions?  

This spell is very important to me so give me closure. I thanked the goddess for sending me these messages and guiding me in the right direction, I don't know what else I would do without her love and support every day.

Blessed be, my loves.

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Dear Ali

You waned someone to give you a personal twist. I would let others do that, but generally speaking, I think you really don't need anybody's advice. Instead I am going to explain you some points in your story. Since many may encounter similar chain of events in their life and may look for an explanation.

You engaged in a relationship and based on what happens and your choices, you wind up deciding to end your relation. Then dragonflies keeps coming across.  Then you encounter magical advice and spells to end your relation.

First point. You want to know weather dragon fly is your totem or not. Well I see crows, pigeons, sparrows everyday. If you live in a place were there are lots of dragon flies you can't tell that I saw 5 dragon flies in one day, therefor, it must be or be my Totem or otherwise. More important than how many times you see an animal, regardless of chances of seeing an animal, is what is the animal to you and how the encounter happens.  I remember I always thought I know what my animal spirit is gonna be. Turned out I was wrong. My advice, unless you meet them personally, don't be so sure. In animal spirit guides there are more explanations ,therefor, I skip this. 

Second point is the chain of events. When you are determined to do something, it is a message encoded in a package sent to universe. Every part of the machine pics one part of the package and makes feed backs and products, you see them as  random events which are not random at all. Have you heard the term "careful what you wish for"? this specially is more sensitive for witches. The link between the dragon fly and breaking up is the crossing of the two. That in all does not mean you shouldn't be great full. But knowing how our universe works is essential for any seeker.

Even if you do the spell, you still need to tell the guy its over. I'm sure you're going to, just throwing that out there in case.

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