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Well, according to legend the Faustian Pact a.k.a selling your soul to the devil has been present in the histories.

Here is the translation of the demonic pact bove :

Transcription of text:

mlE ntvL bbzlB ntS entvuj rfcL snetpp soN
tcap tpecca smebah eidh qsila toratsA qta
mecillop ciuh te .e sibon iuq rdnarG brU siredeof
. po te pulov noh nom suced munigriv merolf lum meroma
lemes terffo sboN .re arac illi teirbe oudirt bacinrof
te ealccE as baclucoc sdep bus gis gas ona ni
xilef giv na teviv tcap q ;ture suispi tagor sbon
.D delam son tni aetsop nev te moh art ni
mead ssoc tni fni ni tcaF
sanataS bubezleB rfcL
imilE nahtaiveL htoratsA
mod pcnirp mead te baid gam sop giS
tprcs htrblB

Here is the exact same text written foreward, still with the abbreviations :
Nos pptens Lcfr juvnte Stn Blzbb Lvtn Elm
atq Astarot alisq hdie habems accept pact
foederis Urb Grandr qui nobis e. et huic pollicem
amorem mul florem virginum decus mon hon volup et op.
fornicab triduo ebriet illi cara er. Nobs offret semel
in ano sag sig sub peds coculcab sa Ecclae et
nobs rogat ipsius erut; q pact vivet an vig felix
in tra hom et ven postea int nos maled D.
Fact in inf int coss daem
Lcfr Belzebub Satanas
Astaroth Leviathan Elimi
Sig pos mag diab et daem princp dom
Blbrth scrpt

The same written in Latin : :

Nos praepotens Lucifer, juvante Satan, Belzebub, Leviathan, Elimi,
atque Astaroth, allisque, hodie habemus acceptum pactum
foederis Urbani Grandieri qui nobis est. Et huic pollicemur
amorem mulierum, florem virginum, decus monacharum, honores, voluptates et opes.
Fornicabitur triduo; ebrietas illi cara erit. Nobis offerit semel
in anno sanguinis sigillum, sub pedibus conculcabit sacra ecclesiae et
nobis rogationes ipsius erunt; quo pacto vivet annos viginti felix
in terra hominum, et veniet postea inter nos maleficere Deo.
Factum in infernis, inter consilia daemonum.
Lucifer Belzebub Satanas
Astaroth Leviathan Elimi
Sigilla posuere magister diabolus et daemones principes domini.
Baalberith, scriptor.

And same again written in English :

We, the influential Lucifer, the young Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Elimi,
and Astaroth, together with others, have today accepted the covenant pact
of Urbain Grandier, who is ours. And him do we promise
the love of women, the flower of virgins, the respect of monarchs, honors, lusts and powers.
He will go whoring three days long; the carousal will be dear to him. He offers us once
in the year a seal of blood, under the feet he will trample the holy things of the church and
he will ask us many questions; with this pact he will live twenty years happy
on the earth of men, and will later join us to sin against God.
Bound in hell, in the council of demons.
Lucifer Beelzebub Satan
Astaroth Leviathan Elimi
The seals placed the Devil, the master, and the demons, princes of the lord.
Baalberith, writer.

other than this, here are some people who "allegedly" made a pact with the diablo...

Urban Grandier
Jonathan Moulton
Robert Johnson (a jazz player)

Apparently Once you make a pact with a demon there is no way ut of it.

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