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The basic information for a Book of Shadows as well as information for Wicca 101 and Intermediate.

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Comment by Luna Auwe on Thursday

Good morning all!

Franky I myself have a spiral note book a dear friend gave me long ago I write not only spells but sayings that mean something to me Iv even had other people write their favorite spells in my book as they love me and I feel it adds extra good energy to my book. Iv wrote at different times of day and in different moods so none of the writing is the same and I go back and fill black spaces with spells and ceremony's I wish to do in the future. I may use them? I may not? but I love looking threw it in a pinch to find a spell that might help someone else as well. So what it comes down to is I believe is. Do as you will harm none.

Good to see everyone have a blessed day PEACE! 

Comment by Jennifer on Wednesday
I personally don't like to put anything in my BOS until I have tried it. If it doesn't work like I thought it should or decide it isn't something I am going to use again then I waisted the time and supplies it took to put it in.
Comment by Franky Castro on Wednesday

Really I Read in Scot Cunningham's Living Wicca that you should put spells and rituals you might need in the future. Hmmm I guess it goes back to what you feel is right for your BOS.

Comment by Rosewater on Wednesday

Franky, both Jennifer and Amethyst had great advice. I can't really add much as I too am learning. I did read along the way that if the ritual or spell is not written by you or you haven't performed it yet that you shouldn't put it in your BOS. What do you think? or anyone else's thoughts would be helpful. I have come across some spells I like but haven't added to BOS because of this. thanks:)

Comment by Franky Castro on Wednesday

Thank you both Jennifer and Amethyst Samia! This definitely helpful! Blessed be! 

Comment by Amethyst Samia on Wednesday
Franky, Jennifer is right. No rules when it comes to a BOS. I don't even have one. I am trying to fix that tho. I have stuff written in notebooks, scraps of paper, in my head (oh no!) and in my email. I keep a lot of stuff stored in my email because its free storage snd it won't get lost unless I close the acount. So you see, I have a somewhat disorganized email if shadows!

I've seen lots of suggestions as to how one should be arranged and what should go in it. Some very good suggestions actually. I just can't remember it all and I forgot where I saw it. The wonders of the wee blonde brain. My point is you can get ideas and suggestions, but ultimately it's your book and you put in it what you want and how you want. I've even seen someone say they had a thumb drive of shadows. Hahaha! How great is that!
Comment by Jennifer on Wednesday
Hello Franky. I feel it is up to you on what and how you put things in your BOS. Some will say that it has to be hand writen. Some even have their BOS on their computer and dont have an actual book. You could ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different answere on how you should add to your book. My stuff is all typed, printed off and put in my book scrapbook style. I dont have that great of hand writing, I want to be able to read what I put in my book. So I say if you are comfortable with printing something off and glueing it in go for it
Comment by Franky Castro on Wednesday

Hello fellow group members! I have a question regarding my book of shadows. Is it ok to paste typed and printed material into the book? For example, if I found a good ritual online and it is really long, can I copy it, print it, and paste it in my book? Or is this method frowned upon and must I write it out long hand?

Comment by Jennifer on Tuesday
Hello everyone. Sitting at work. I have 2 hours to go. Hope everyone had/has a great day
Bright Blessings
Comment by Amethyst Samia on Monday
Hi guys! I swear I thought I had posted in here already. Yikes. The wee blonde brain has struck again!

Hi Luna! Nice pics! Love the flowers.

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