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Comment by Luna Auwe on Friday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family with lots of full tummys!

Tom thank you for the explanation. Im not real familiure with Druidism. However I do have a grasp on triads so that makes since to me.

Todd Im so glad you like the idea of a portable alter, you can have it near you all the time and no one will be the wiser. When you get it built and set up I sure would like to see a picture if you wish to share it? My fiancé and I made mine out of an old homemade foot stool I found sitting by the road near someone's trash, on my way to work one day. It actually spoke to me and told me it needed to be something. So put it out there and it will find you trust me.     

Comment by Todd on Thursday

Thanks Luna, your Alter looks awesome I think i will have to make one now.

I hadn't thought about a lockable / portable altar it is a great idea and one that could work.

I like the idea of having my altar around me, i am the type of person out of sight out of mind, having it front of me reminds me of what and where i am connected, i know i don't need one to feel this but i guess it keeps me grounded and not to let normal life take control.

the portable Alter will work for my rituals when i need to be away from the house or in my shed and will not need to move my alter every time.

Comment by Tom on Thursday
@ Luna 3 elements is a Neo Druidry thing. The associations are air, sky, the world above, future, and divinity / earth, stone, the world around us, present, and the Spirits / water, sea, the world below, the past and ancestors

Lots of Triads in Druidry

For ritual I still call the four elementals and five elements at other times but only use the three on my altar
Comment by Luna Auwe on Thursday

Comment by Luna Auwe on Thursday

Merry Meet all

Beautiful protection spell Daniel!

Tom may I ask why just 3 elements?

Todd have you ever considered a portable alter? I have a wooden portable alter I keep everything in it till its time to use it. You can even have one with a lock on it for snoopers.

Comment by Tom on Thursday
Todd it is quite possible to set up an altar that represents your beliefs that someone else not familiar with the craft would not recognize, especially if you haven't run around shooting off your mouth "I''m a Wiccan look at me look at me".

My daily altar consists of three elements, air, earth, and water. It sets in plain view and if you did not know my beliefs you would probably not notice it and if you did notice it would think it decoration. Everyone entering my house passes by it in open sight.

The fourth pillar of magic is Silence. If your altar carries meaning to you it has sufficed it's purpose. If it does so without drawing the attention of the noniniatedp it is that much more valuable.
Comment by Todd on Thursday

Merry Meet Tom

Thank you for your comments, that helps a lot, i would like to have it in my room so it is around me all the time.

Comment by Tom on Thursday
Merry Meet Todd.
I have an altar I do daily devotionals at. People look at it all the time and all they see is candles, feathers and sea shells. When I do ritual it is in another place and I set up a separate ritual altar.
Comment by Todd on Wednesday

Hi All

I am fairly new and would like some assistance if that is ok.

I am in the process of erecting my Altar, the circumstances where i live doesn't allow me to do rituals in the house well not of an evening, i was going to errect my altar in my bed room but if i cant do rituals in the house am i better of setting it up in a small shed where i can do rituals and the like? also outside work is very limited due to a number of factors. i guess i am a little confused in the sense that can i have an altar in one place and preform rituals and the like in another, do i need to sets of items?

does that make any sense, sorry for the rambling.

Comment by Daniel Bailey on Wednesday

Protection Spell

Draw a pentagrams on pieces of paper and hide them in every room say "blessed be, so mote it" when hiding them. Then go the centre of your home. Firstly call to the elements, visualize each element in mind and bind them with Spirit. Visualise it as pentagram that may make it easier and say.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water I call to thee.

Spirit bind these elements.

Great Element her me and come to me.

Once you have done this say this spell. This spells calls upon the ancestors for protection. Light a candle and focus on the flame.

Great Ancestors I have need, I call to thee.

Extend your protection above and below.

Keep my family safe, embrace them in your protection and love.

Deflect all negative energy back from whence it came.

So mote it be.

Blow out if the flame and let the smoke from the candle waft around. The spell will stay in place. If you want to release the spell light a candle and say.

Blessed Ancestors I thank thee.

Negativity has gone, balance has returned.

I bid your farewell.

So mote it be.

When it comes to the ancestors regular prayers to aids in protection even though they are always here.


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