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I wanna start Tarot learning,but I don't know how to choose the first one?

As I knew,there are many kinds of Tarot.
How to choose from them?
Choosing one fit me?or choosing one by purpose? Any books or website should I read?

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i agree comleatly shadow dancer! :) having your hands on the deck will give you a lot more than buying one off the internet. how ever for people like me who live out in the sticks in the middle of no where lol its some times hard to make a 3 hour drive to get to the nearest shop. thats lots and lots of gas ha ha.
Tegwedd ShadowDancer said:

Try a brick-and-mortar type store first.  Due to sites like Amazon.com, physical metaphysical and occult stores are struggling and need our support.  Besides, handling a deck physically will send you signals about which deck really does call to you.  


I am somewhat of a deck collector.  I find there are four different kinds

1.  Classic - Like RW decks, or Marselles.

2.  Fantasy - either "sexualized" or "themed" otherwise;   such as vampyres, Pagan, etc.

3.  Specific - such as Steampunk, Art (I really like the Mucha Deck)

4.  "Special" decks - like "RW centennial", or sme such.

I used the  RWS deck for a long time.  Didn't even think of anything else.  Then thought why not? Buy a couple others.  If budget allows, buy three or four.   You might not use them now, but if you were drawn to them you prolly eventually will use them.

Then, I found the Dark Fairytale Deck and I have been almost using it ever since.

So, to answer your question -- I would buy one of each.  You will undoubtedly use them all..... eventually.  Depending on the readings you do.  

I would suggest looking at pix on Google for each of these;

Dark Farytale (yay!)

Royo Tarot (really sexualized... it is prolly too "distracting" except for certain purposes)

Mythic Tarot (very classical but easy to to "get" pictorially)

Lo Scarabeo Universal Tarot (excellent, Italian made deck - basically RWS)

Gothic Tarot (beautiful but obscure)

Hermetic Tarot (very detailed, and extremely esoteric)

I do not like the Marselles or "green man" or themed decks... they are basically (IMO) for professionals that are doing specific readings for specific clientele .... but you might just find if you are a steampunker and that you are very comfortable with a Steampunk deck;  so research is necessary.

The pagan tarot deck did not impress me, personally.  But as you have mentioned;  there are HUNDREDS OF DECKS -- we can't really give you a suggestion that's guaranteed to work for you - but I hope this gives you a place to start.

But, I reiterate... I love the Dark Fairytale deck... Just my personal opinion...   It's gorgeous. It draws you.  I look at it constantly with a 12X jeweler's loupe and find something new every time I look at it -- BUT... it's not RWS.   But any book about RWS will get you started on interpreting the deck.  Yes, SOME cards suck, but if you have a basic understanding of RWS, you will be fine;  buy your mileage may vary.


There are so many great decks out there.   I have about ten.

I like the the Dark FairyTale Deck. It practically reads itself. 

The Lunatic Tarot is fantastic

But it's rare and you have to buy from Russia.

The Dark Fairytale Tarot is equally good - printed in Italy.

You don't have to be stuck with RWS (If you don't like it, or it doesn't call to you) - there are very nice decks that are beautiful and tell amazing stories.




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