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I wanna start Tarot learning,but I don't know how to choose the first one?

As I knew,there are many kinds of Tarot.
How to choose from them?
Choosing one fit me?or choosing one by purpose? Any books or website should I read?

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I wasnt sure if you meant how do you choose a "deck" that you find a connection with so heres a link that allows you to read a review of the deck and shows images of the cards. There is a huge A-Z of different decks on this site to look at http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/
See which deck speaks to you, I found my first deck that way, the images of the cards just spoke to me as soon as I saw them......trust your intuition, honestly, there will be a deck that stands out from the rest!!
Check out the tarot group also for other book suggestions etc.

BB Raven
I see.
But now,I need a book for learning the usage of the deck.
Is there only one kind of book for Tarot,or depend on each deck?
most decks do come with a book of some slight instructions. there is also a TON of stuff just on this group in other discussions for spreads and quick meanings of cards. otherwise checking out if your library or amazon has stuff is always a good place to start. i personally dont have a specific book like that, but i'm sure there are plenty good ones. sorry i couldnt be of more help
Hello Seekingmagic, I wanted to respond to this and let you know that I am working on a site that I am getting really good responses from. I have a long way to go, but I work on it and update it frequently. I am currently working on putting up some videos to help simply how to go about learning the tarot in an easy manner that will work for you, no matter what deck you choose. I can send you some advice as I do to the people who visit my site, but if you go ahead and sign up as member I will occasionally send out blasts about things that are coming up on my site, or that aren't on my site that is helpful. the whole deal is that you need to set up a system that you will use, and I have an easy one that I am doing the videos on. Add me as a friend on here and I can send you the last message I sent out to visitors and members. it is hard for me to send out messages to visitors if I don't have their email address, so being a member helps.

Either way, to get you started you can go in and look around, but above all please read the BASICS page on my site. the vids will come soon. Get back in touch or sign up as a member by going to the guest page and I will send you a really helpful bit of info that will get you started. Just click on the link below my name to go to my site, or go to my page and click on my banner for my site.

Hermits Vision
hello seekingmagic.
honestly in my opion the best i started with the tradition tarot deck that was universal. the deck that i chose was

the dreamers journel by barbara moore
it came with a full deck of beautifull tarot cards. and a booklet with information and exercises to get you to understand and learn the art of the tarot.

i find it to fit me very well. but when you searching for a deck use you intuition what deck calls you. let the deck pick you. tarot is all about intution so the best way to learn tarot is to follow you own.

hope i helped
blessed b's
Like RAVENWITCH, I chose mine because it just popped out at me. I was in the Wicca section at Chapters and I saw this Druidic plant Tarot and went "wow." It was just so cool! Instead of the four suits like the standard Tarot (which I personally find too obscure to be accurate), it has a bunch of different herbs and plants. The reading is derived from what those plants were used for in Druidic tradition and other paths. It came with a book which I feel no shame in referring to quite a lot. :)

I understand your confusion.  There are probably thousands of decks, each unique with its own apeal.  I prefer classical ones and have started a collection of decks published before 1900.  These are reproductions, mind you, I couldn't afford originals.  But, because of their antiquity I feel a stronger tie to the original thought behind them.  Those decksa are 1) Soprafine 1850's or there abouts, and 2) Etruria cerca 1725.  Only 2000 decks were reproduced for each of these decks, and so they hold a special place for me because of that.  You might be able to go online and find one for sale, though I would never let mine go.


In the end, the deck you choose must speak to you.  Without that voice being heard before you buy it, you will have a hard time hearing anything after you do.



i know i didnt start this thread, but have found it helpful! thanks everyone..

I am new to Tarot as well.  I really didn't decide I wanted to learn the cards, they sort of chose me.  I just felt I needed them.  I looked at several card / book combo's and chose one that was fairly simple and straight forward.  I guess what I didn't understand is that while the book's explanation of a meaning is only a guide and I at once understood that more was being told to me. 

I have gravitated to the Mythical Tarot which just felt "right".  That is the best advice I can give.  When you see the one that is "right" for you, you will know it.  Listen and the cards will chose you.


I have been taking a course through "Magickaschool.com" on the Tarot, it is free and extremely enlightening on all aspects of the cards from their origins to the influence of the Golden Dawn, Eliphas Levi, A.E. Waite, Israel Regarde, and Aliestar Crowley on the cards.

For instance, the cards originally came from Fez in Egypt in the 14th century to Italy and then France, they were called "Mamluk" cards then.  They have been used for gaming, meditation, and divination a very long time. 

The Psychologist Garl Gustave Jung was fascinated on the effects the cards have on the human psyche and the impact they have on archtypes.  C.G Jung was most famous for rather cruel experiments that give tangible evidence that we have souls. 

The Ancient Hebrew mysticism of the Kabbalah is embedded in most of the cards we use today.    

I picked mine because it jumped out at me and called to me. I have a rule never buy anything that don't call to me. my deck called to me and I thought about the deck long and hard for weeks before buying it because I wanted to make sure it was a posative calling not a negative one.

i had my first tarot deck given to me as a gift from my aunt and i love it but my second deck when i found it in a shop in Atlanta jumped out at me and i got so excited as i felt pulled to it. i wouldnt put to much thought into the deck you want but i recomend starting out with an oracl deck its easyer for beginers to use and get the feel for. i was lucky enough to find mine as an oracle deck. if you dont mind recomendations though i would look up the Goddess Guidance oracle cards they are beautiful and very acurate and easy to learn. But first and formost make sure the deck feels right for YOU. i think that having a personal conection with your cards is very important. example: if your looking at 10 differant deck adn you keep going back to a certain one than thats the one that is most likely calling out to you.

i would try amazon.com

i have found many beautiful decks there at a reasonable price.


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