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Comment by Diana Falconsong yesterday

Thank you my dear. I get it now. I actually saw a post in WIP by Bad Seed I think that really helped as well. I've found a few people here that are practicing but none are traditions that I think I'm drawn to.

Comment by Amberhawk yesterday

Sure Diana. Most of what you see labeled Wicca is based on stuff that was based on more stuff that was based on titles that were forced by a few publishers back in the 80s and 90s. It's mostly the spiritual witchy side of Wicca with a few ritual tidbits thrown in. You can get close but because Wicca was originally meant to be priesthood training, practiced by a group of people, coven training is a pretty important part of it  I don't think all solitaries have to belong to a coven, just trained by someone who was or is definitely still in a coven and still involved. All that said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the solitary bit. Whatever a person learns through books, even those that are very close. is perfectly valid and fulfilling. It's just been mislabeled. That's all. Eclectic Pagan is what that falls into, with Wiccan leanings of course. Many refuse to accept that though so... to each their own. Carry on.

Comment by Diana Falconsong yesterday

Hello All, I'm pretty new at this so I'm seeking answers and guidance. Miss Amberhawk please elaborate on your comment from 2/10/17 I can't seem to locate Serafina's post. So to call oneself Wiccan you must be part of a coven? And if you are a Solitary "Wiccan" you're really not Wiccan because you are not part of a coven? What exactly does "being Wiccan" a "Solitary Wiccan" entail?
I'm reading just about everything I can get my hands on. Cunningham, Gardner, Buckland, Starhawk, Chamberlain etc.. Since there are no covens in my area (I live in the Bible Belt of SW Missouri) being solitary is a necessity (my family is right wing Christian Conservatives). I'd like to follow as traditional a Wiccan path as possible but remain solitary. I'm a purest at heart. When I realized that I was being drawn to an alternative religion, or more accurately away from my staunchly Christian upbringing, I discovered Wicca and the Pagan religions. I'm struggling to pinpoint exactly how to/who to follow and remain as true to the traditional path as possible and still be a Solitary.
Any advice, guidance or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Comment by Ragnell on Sunday

Hello back, Grace Winds.  Welcome.

Comment by Grace Winds on Sunday

Hello out there.  1st time here.

Comment by Miss Erin on February 10, 2017 at 9:25am
We'll see I wanna do witchcraft and know about Wicca religion i
Comment by Amberhawk on February 10, 2017 at 8:48am

I have to agree with Serafina on her post. Most people who call their practice Wicca are doing a more personally set eclectic paganism with cherry picked Wiccan bits. There is not hing wrong with that, it's still a perfectly valid path, it's just not Wicca. 

Comment by Miss Erin on February 10, 2017 at 8:07am
That sounds really nice
Comment by Bridget35 on February 10, 2017 at 1:23am

Sorry about not being really on for a long time. Things happened and that's life. I like all the comments that I've been reading. On a note about paths. I've been a witch for 25 years and had to stop really practicing Wicca in my nearly early 20's. This was due to my mother telling me that she didn't want me to practice Wicca or witchcraft in the house. For those that are going through this, it sucks. However, I did things like meditation and burning incense (the burning incense she allowed). I also went outside and connected with nature and the energies of the earth.

I did things that I knew she would have no problem with. I wasn't able to have an altar so I went outside and greeted the sun, poured some water on the ground. It might not seem to be Wiccan to most that don't have this problem but it worked for me and kept me connected to my path.

Comment by Ragnell on February 9, 2017 at 1:22pm

Wicca is actually a coven based religion with specific practices that aren't public.  That said, you can borrow from what is known of Wicca and craft your own practice.  Several authors do a pretty good job of showing you how, personally I'd recommend Scott Cunningham for beginners. He gives solid advice on pagan spirituality for one, and some basics on magic as well.  As an accompaniment I'd suggest Marion Green's A Witch Alone. Also a classic for witches, though not specifically Wiccan.


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