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Hello, my name is Tiffany.

I live in a small town called Enterprise, AL. It is in the bible belt.

I haven't found many wiccans here. I have looked on many different site and I just can't seem to find someone that has the knowledge of the craft.

I want to learn.

I have been practicing the craft since i was 14, I am now 21. I have met a few pagans along the way that have helped me but I want more...I am self taught.

I love mediating, I do use candle magic a lot when i do this and my favorite place is in the woods behind my house. I feel like one with nature there, as well as more centered. Well, and my element is earth, what better way to be connected then to be surrounded by it.

Besides that I've only done little self.

I would really like to learn from someone that has the knowledge and wisdom of the craft, I want to know more about it, want to do more with it, want to be more connected to it.

The little stuff isn't enough anymore.

If you live around my area and are looking for a student or simply someone to do rituals with and teach a thing or to I would love to meet you!!

Thank you for your time.

Blessed Be.

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Definitely check out Witchvox.com for resources.


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