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Sword_of_Light's Discussions

Return of Kings

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sword_of_Light Jun 3, 2014. 23 Replies


Started this discussion. Last reply by Natty Sunday Jan 23, 2013. 1 Reply

Pile It On The WBC

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sword_of_Light Jan 2, 2013. 7 Replies


My food is problematic

Latest Activity

Ragnell commented on Sword_of_Light's blog post Does Creationism Belong in Classrooms?
"Unfortunately, Sword of Light hasn't been active here for quite some time. Pity. Creationism doesn't belong in the curriculum of a science class, but it would be an appropriate subject in a class on world religion. We swim in a sea of…"
Mar 10, 2016
Sword_of_Light replied to Bad Seed's discussion Summer solstice is almost upon us! What--and how--do you celebrate?
"Well, my wife and her coven minted a new witch, on the full moon, a day after Gardner's birthday.  The last two being entirely coincidental.  Usually, being an Alexandrian ...ish ... coven, they do the 8 big holidays, plus the new and…"
Jun 26, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to Hope L. Finley's discussion Mouther Eath Diyin! What can we do about it?
"Its the End Times, I tells ya, when even ancient and long buried posts rise from the dead to feast on the braaaaaaaains of the living...."
Jun 21, 2014
Sword_of_Light commented on katharine moseley's blog post New Hampshire
"New Hampshire has a pretty large pagan community from what I understand.  Mostly coastal - I hear of a lot of NH folks who come down to MA to stuff on the North Shore.  As to this site specifically - there are two…"
Jun 18, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to Jennifer's discussion Should I ?
"Opens are pretty simple things: you don't do anything you wouldn't do in a public space (i.e. no runnin' 'round all naked-like) and there's an assumption that anyone who comes is new to the ideas of WIcca, magic,…"
Jun 12, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to Eric firehorse's discussion Why we should cherish free speech and press
"In general -  the wisdom, such that it is, on Fox News is that liberals hate America.  This is patently false because: I have, in the past, blamed George W. Bush for the extinction of the dinosaurs, the fall of the Roman empire, and…"
Jun 6, 2014
Sword_of_Light commented on Earthrain's photo


"Dont get me wrong, I really like this picture, but ... black leather jacket, dog tags, black tee...blue cartoon teddybear phone. "
Jun 4, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to Sword_of_Light's discussion Return of Kings
"When I posted this a few months ago, my attitude was 'really?' and then a simple dismissal as not worth the interest. Unfortunately, the easy access of firearms and the growing sense of entitlement have pushed this fringe movement to the…"
Jun 3, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to Evangeline's discussion Wicca!!!
"Although there are fakes and users here - well - sad to say but that's not an inaccurate slice of the live community.  That said there are also those here who are genuinely dedicated to the path they've chosen, to the advancement of…"
Jun 3, 2014
Iptiyaj left a comment for Sword_of_Light
"LOL! 10 years younger and wrong! let that just sit in the back and never happen again!! And nice!! I'm Leo rising, so clearly big fat sassy comments and sucking in all the glorious compliments are right in our forte'. xD"
Jun 2, 2014
Sword_of_Light favorited Britiney Onyschuk's photo
May 30, 2014
Sword_of_Light commented on Britiney Onyschuk's photo


"Oh, Canada!"
May 30, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to Kleine Buchhexe's discussion Nat Geo yay or nay?
"I can say neither yea nor nay.  I don't watch TV.  I occasionally encounter cable elsewhere - and appart from my hatred of commercials - most of the shows are bread & circus, and most of them aimed at the lowest common…"
May 28, 2014
Iptiyaj left a comment for Sword_of_Light
May 24, 2014
Iptiyaj left a comment for Sword_of_Light
"It has been sometime now since we had last spoken, so I am coming to give you random compliments on your absolutely outrageously righteous beard. None have I ever seen such a beard on such a glorious looking man. Your sash is nothing compared to…"
May 23, 2014
Iptiyaj left a comment for Sword_of_Light
"It has been sometime now since we had last spoken, so I am coming to give you random compliments on your absolutely outrageously righteous beard. None have I ever seen such a beard on such a glorious looking man. Your sash is nothing compared to…"
May 23, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to zaid del bis's discussion Telekinetic training
"There was an old Larry Niven series called The Magic Goes Away, about a high magic world that suddenly looses its magic.  Theres a scene where a barbarian comes up to a sorcerer, intent on killing him, and the sorcerer pulls out a magical…"
May 21, 2014
Iptiyaj favorited Sword_of_Light's profile
May 21, 2014
Sword_of_Light commented on Iptiyaj's photo

Where Hath All the Pickles Gone

"heh heh heh - this is one of the best profile picks I've seen"
May 21, 2014
Sword_of_Light replied to Chiarra's discussion Considering Becoming Wiccan
"Ok, a couple of things: Relax.  Its already been said, but it's worth repeating.  You have plenty of time to figure this out, and while you may ruffle a few feathers, folks get over it.  If you offend, someone will let you know,…"
May 5, 2014

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I've called myself pagan since about 1993. Its really only shorthand for what I've always been - I'm not part of a tradition or religious affiliation. For me, modern paganism seeks to do two things:
Examine past civilizations to see if there is anything that still resonates, to find out what we've lost and if its still applicable to the 21st century.
Examine the modern world to see if theres anything of value. Our gender roles, social mores, taboos, and so forth - do they make any sense? Is there a better model?
About Me:
43, married (SageDancer is my wife), kid. Scientist, veteran, geek.

Heres a few links for you:

No, my screen-name isn't Christian or some stupid Star Wars reference, its far more geeky:


...or the personalized explanation of Sword_of_Light:


Heres the link to an online pagan mail order place; pagan owned and run, and by wicked nice folks too :


and a non-profit pagan organization in southern New England :


In case you're wondering who the distinguished gentleman is in my pix, well, he aint that gentlemanly:




Sir Terry

I am 18 years of age or older
Favorite Website:
Favorite Books:
What, I have to pick one? Pratchett, the Flashman Papers, C. J. Cherryh, Dave Duncan, Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, depressing nonfic about the Civil War, WWII, natural disasters ...
Favorite Movies:
Princess Bride
Godzilla movies (the old school G)
The works of Hayao Miazaki and Aardman Studios

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Sword_of_Light's Blog

Does Creationism Belong in Classrooms?

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 11:30am 16 Comments


There is a lot of confusion in this country about freedom.  Dumb rednecks and Tea Partiers often cite that ‘Murica is free.  What they think they mean by that is the freedom to say whatever they like, or worship the Christian god in any fashion they’d like.  This leads folks like Ted Nugent to think that public expressions of a desire to murder a public official he disagrees with is protected by the Constitution.   ‘Muricans are free to murder Hillary Clinton with their…


Mad Haxor Men

Posted on March 12, 2012 at 10:00am 0 Comments

I recently managed to twist myself up into an unpleasant Gordian Knot of ethics.  Not surprisingly, over nude pictures; specifically those of Christina Hendricks, whose cell phone was hacked.  I gather this also happened to someone else famous who wasn't on Firefly so I don't care.  I will not for a moment pretend that I'm the sort of man who is above letting his dick do his thinking for him and reaping the cost of what I've sown later.  I strive for honesty, and that would be just as bare…


The Amazinng SOPA and its Dancing Congress Act

Posted on January 24, 2012 at 2:15pm 0 Comments

I haven't written a blog in quite some time.  The problem isn't that I don't have anything left to say - I'm not entirely sure even death would be sufficient to shut me the hell up.  Its that like many things in my life, I've gotten bored with it.  Boredom and me do not mix well - I get all mopey rather than doing something useful like doing something.  In fact, I think my people skills evolved out of a desire not to be bored (or more accurately, to get laid, which in my book is the…


How Many Norse Reconstructionists Does It Take to Change A Lightbulb

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 3:30pm 4 Comments

Alone, in snowy wastes did Bjorj travel for seven days and seven nights, for the lights were against him

Across the windswept parking lot of many a bleak and forlorn hardware store did Bjorj wander

Then Lo! Did he at last come upon the beacon of his quest

I shall feast, and slay the clerk who gardeth yon lightbulb, then I shall have desert!

Said he, then did he begin the feast upon fries of golden quality, and a burger of questionable meat, won under an arch as…


Right to Repair

Posted on August 24, 2011 at 1:23pm 4 Comments

We had seen signs on a neighbor's lawn proclaiming that they supported Right to Repair.  Ok, we remarked to each other, what exactly does that mean?  We'd wondered if it was one of those things trying to get around the restrictive historical property laws that New England has.  Then the Buick died.  It needed a part replaced that exceeded its total value by more than a factor of two, and we decided, you know, that car is just dead.  We donated it to a charity which turned out to be an… Continue

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At 6:01pm on June 2, 2014, Iptiyaj said…

LOL! 10 years younger and wrong! let that just sit in the back and never happen again!! And nice!! I'm Leo rising, so clearly big fat sassy comments and sucking in all the glorious compliments are right in our forte'. xD

At 11:29pm on May 24, 2014, Iptiyaj said…


At 9:20pm on May 23, 2014, Iptiyaj said…
It has been sometime now since we had last spoken, so I am coming to give you random compliments on your absolutely outrageously righteous beard. None have I ever seen such a beard on such a glorious looking man.

Your sash is nothing compared to your beard. The medals of honor you have one, nothing in comparison to your glorious beard. If one were to ever acquire such a beard such as yours – they would not know how to handle it because it was clearly not as awesome as on you.

Queens have spoken Of such a beard, that they could only dream upon their own sons. Bacon cries in its own grease, because it clearly doesn't have a beard as sizzling as yours. You should be known for your beard – because that beard, is sexy.

I am proud to call you my friend hereupon this site of togetherness. Just because, dat burd. And before you think that I am flirting with you, the sake of this is purely for absolute entertainment, and your profile picture being so damn awesome. Just like your soul, which is clearly found in your beard.
At 4:28pm on February 21, 2014, Bryn Judysdottir said…
I figured you didn't miss it, as you don't seem to miss much. I just took the opportunity to highlight why we were hijacking the blog so the casual readers passing through would be aware of the cause of the situation. ;)

Agreed, she isn't worth the time, but I had to say something and not allow such thoughts flourish around here. I think I'm done in there. She had her hissy fit and stomped off already. And somehow aghast that we called her a sexist. Lol

She's been here for a few months at least, sent me a friend request last month. I know now to truly ignore it. Been waiting to see what kind of person she is first. She could very well be someone's sock puppet, I wouldn't be surprised to discover that.
At 4:07am on February 17, 2014, Bryn Judysdottir said…
I'd be inclined to put money on that. *smirk*
At 1:05pm on February 16, 2014, Bryn Judysdottir said…
Aaawwee.. those were two of your most entertaining replies, too!! :( She probably thought you'd never know. *eye roll*
At 7:38pm on February 13, 2014, Bryn Judysdottir said…
At 10:27pm on December 5, 2013, Kayla Wszolek said…

Well now that i'm done with school, and don't have the stress of job searching, i can finally get back on track. I'm glad that i'm not the only one with these struggles. I think i'm ready to continue on my path.  i have 4 days off work next week. i might just spend them in the bookstore.

At 2:45pm on December 5, 2013, Bryn Judysdottir said…
It's all good, my notifications are a bit late as well. I haven't seen you in a while so perhaps you were on a break. All in all, no worries for the delay, glad no offense was taken, then or now. :)
At 11:53am on December 5, 2013, Kayla Wszolek said…

While looking back on my life, i have noticed that i have been heading on this path since the 4th grade. We always had books on Witchcraft and all things paranormal. Those were the books i chose to read. Slowly as i got older i pulled away from it. I either didn't have to time or was too stressed by school work. I stayed interested in it, but when i got to High School, i fell off the path completely. It wasn't until my freshman year at college that i picked up a book regarding wiccan lifestyles. But still i didn't have the energy nor the time to sit down and continue. It took a year and the end of a great relationship for me to feel completely alone and lost. But one day i just decided to change that. And here i am, working to find myself. I have looked at a  few books at the bookstore. I usually didn't have money, but now that i got my first job, i can pay for them.

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