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Sleeping Goddess


Always consider the powers you are calling upon. Few contemplate looking into possible consequences. With the proliferation of Pagan books now on the stands, any novice can invoke Deities and cast a spell. But in practice it's not that simple.

For instance, at Barnes…


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Lust of Result




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Quantum Mechanics and magic

"Quantum Entanglement" is, to use the old metaphor, when the wings of a butterfly cause changes at the far end of the universe.

The next issue of Science News magazine is going to be completely dedicated to this aspect of Quantum physics.

Here's a link to NPR's article:…


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Magical or Mundane?

My Mother died last year. A child of the Oregon Trail prairie.

This is what she looked like when she was ten years old - 1938:

She insisted on being cremated and her ashes scattered on the hillside behind her childhood home - This is the hill:

I took the pic last weekend....You can see this hillside in the background of the B+W pic.

Anyway - after… Continue

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Most of us are familiar with "magic squares" in 3rd or 4th grade math -- and the connection and fascination that Banjamin franklin had with them. However, their origin goes way back into the realm of magic - including Abrabelin the Mage and thousands of years before that. Benjamin Franklin was so good at making magic squares they are known as "Franklin Squares" in many textbooks and by many mathematicians. A good refrence to "Franklin Squares" is here:… Continue

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Aega: surrogate nurse to Zeus

Aega (Greek: Αίγη) Aega and her sister Helice nursed the infant Zeus in Crete, and the former was afterwards changed by the god into the constellation called Capella.

According to other traditions, Aega was a daughter of Melisseus, king of Crete, and was chosen to nurse Zeus; but was found unable to do it, so Amalthea (a goat) was chosen. Also one tradition reports that while married to Pan she had a son by Zeus whom she called…


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A review of my first cursing ritual

I've been asking around recently for advice about how to curse.

I finally put my ritual together.

The circle was cast (with my renaissance rapier - burning with flame this time, and not my usual athame).

I had all of my materials and the ritual, My mind was spring-steel.

I had the complete charges written on dragon's blood ink that I was bringing up against the person - including adultery, thievery, lying.

...And then, It suddenly hit me like a brick in… Continue

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Adrammelech: Pagan Sun-God with a Hebrew past

Adramelech, also called Adrammelech, Adramelek or Adar-malik, ( אַדְרַמֶּלֶךְ, Aramméle…


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Adeona: Roman Goddess of the Protector of Children

In the Roman pantheon, the goddess Domiduca (Adeona) protects children on the way back to their parents' home.

Also, Domiduca and Domiducus were two gods of marriage who were believed to protect the bride on her way to the house of the bridegroom. The names occur as epithets of Jupiter and Juno.

The Early Roman Pantheon focused on the interlocking and complex interrelations between gods and humans. In this, the Romans maintained a large selection of divinities with… Continue

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Adapa: Sumerian God of Wisdom

Adapa was a Babylonian figure who unknowingly refused the gift of immortality. The story is first attested in the Kassite period (14th century BC).

Adapa was a mortal from a godly lineage, a son of Ea (Enki in Sumerian), the god of wisdom and of the ancient city of Eridu, who brought the arts of civilization to that city (from Dilmun, according to some versions). He broke the wings of Ninlil the South Wind, who had overturned his fishing boat, and was called to account before Anu. Ea,… Continue

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Adekagagwaa: Iriquiose Personification of Summer

Hahgwehdiyu is the creator god. He was said to have planted a single maize plant in the body of his mother Atahensic. This plant was a gift to mankind. In many variants of the creation myth, Atahensic (also known as Ataensic) was a Sky Woman who fell to the Earth. She died in childbirth and her body fertilized the earth so that her granddaughters could grow many things.

Gaol is the personification of the wind. Gohone is the personification of the winter. Adekagagwaa is the… Continue

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The In-Between World

Just a little poem during lunch hour.

What people do not know

The Dieties smile

Whith the grace of knowledge

Only nature will show

What people can't see



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Witches Compass

I wrote this after reading Robert Cochrane

Meeting with the Horned God

At Tm, Lin Miles Cross

Voices hushed as we all trod

South to North meets East to West

All leads to center

But which is best?

Fath, Cath, Blath and Fis

The Mighty cauldron knows

how not to miss


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Poem to Neptune

In light of the Gulf Disaster, I wrote this sonnet and recitre it in my circle;

Mighty Neptune

Ruler of the seas

God of the waters

That can do as he please

Mankind is polluting your waters

Greed being key to matters

I pray solution lies to the slaughter

Many good people trying

To stop poison from spilling

To keep…

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Adapa: Mortal who refused immortality

Son of Ea and Sumerian king of Eridu. He was regarded as the first man, sage but not immortal. Whereas Adam only named the beasts and fowl, the Akkadian myth credits Adapa with the invention of speech. On a fishing expedition in the Persian Gulf he was buffeted by the south wind, but his curse was powerful enough to break its wings. When Anu summoned the culprit to heaven, Ea dressed his son in sackcloth and told him to partake of no food offered to him there. Greeted by Tammuz, Adapa informed… Continue

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Words, words, words

Well, it looks like my last blog post stirred up some things. I'd just like to add my comment based on some of the things that were said.

Something both unrelated to and related to witchcraft is a fundamental concept of human nature on this Earth that I think by being human we sometimes tend to forget. And that concept is that of words. Words are both horrible weapons and instrruments of healing.

In all my experience, and without trying to sound like a mother, I have found my… Continue

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Back from Savannah - I swaer I did NOT photoshop this pic --

This is a pic of the window that Benjamin Wilson (A 32nd degree Mason) tied his daughter up for 3 days -- and she died of dehydration. Many murders and suicides have taken place her, and the house is basically evil. He was acquitted by the town Judge, who was a 33rd degree mason.

I snapped this pic, and I swear what is projecting from the window was not there; No falling leaves or metallic object or lens flare or other flashes going off.…


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Adsullata: Gaulish goddess; "She who is Gazed Upon"

This deity is known from a single inscription found at Saudörfel, Austria and also the character of Esyllt from the Cymric (Welsh) tale of Drystan ac Esyllt which later became the tale of 'Tristan and Isolde'. It is thought that she originated as a Celtic solar deity and may well have had a healing aspect.

She was probably introduced to the insular Brython (as her cognate, Sul or Sulla) via Brittany

or Belgium (Gaulish Armorica). This goddess in invoked at Saudörfel, Austria where… Continue

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Adamanthea: Nuturer of Zeus/Jupiter

A nymph in Greek mythology, Adamanthea helped raise the infant Zeus to hide him from his father, Cronus.

Reacting to a prophecy from his mother Gaia that his own offspring would overthrow his supreme position in the pantheon, Cronus swallowed all of his children immediately after birth. Rhea, Zeus' mother and Cronus' wife, deceived Cronus by giving him a stone wrapped to look like a baby instead of Zeus, whom she instead gave to Adamanthea to nurse.

Since Cronus ruled over… Continue

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Acyutah: One of the names given ti Vishnu

In Hinduism, Acyutah is another name of Vishnu or God and appears as the 100th and 318th names in the Vishnu sahasranama. This is also the name often used in Bhagavad Gita as a personal name of Krishna, svayam bhagavan. According to Adi Sankara's commentary on the Vishnu sahasranama, Acyutah means One who will never lose His inherent nature and powers (i.e. one who is infallible). The name also means One who is without the six transformations beginning with birth.…


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