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The ideal of this craft is to make a feather mobile

You can make your own feathers or use real ones .
I'm enjoying making mine

then you make words from any words that inspire you .
you paste the word on feather.
I made mine out of left over paper.

then you need to make your mobile to hand the feathers on.

I made a small book I didn't sow it I just glued all kinds of color pages in it

I'm going to take a word from the feather and find quotes like courage quotes. I want to but them in my little books I' made . I like quotes on strength, and love blissful to be grateful . I may even watch some videos on how to be stronger mind during hard times .

I made a total of four little books .
1 for faith quotes
2 one for self-esteem quotes I'm calling it who I am .
3. this one is for gratitude
4. the last one for healing quotes and affirmations. its going to be inspirational quotes or when I'm in the bad I'm going to do great affirmations to rise me up

these will help you to be higher your self . exsample you can put trusting . but you might have trust issues about trusting some one. you can look on you tube for how to start trusting again.
they have so many great videos to help . I know I need this issue to solve me .
I'm also looking for the words that really inspire me . Being healer takes me so direction that I didn't think to heal . it opens my eyes in real ways . I get to it fast to start healing . This mobile is not my ideal . It is Barbra owns . she did hers for afirmmations

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