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Waning Wolf moon (age: 27 days)

Moon sign: Capricorn


The new Hunger moon will be here soon. I propose that all of us do something special in honor of this upcoming month. One may wonder why the full moon for February is known traditionally as the Hunger moon. This is because in the old days, February was when the food stores saved up in the autumn began to get thin, here in the Northern hemisphere. Now, a lot of people focus their acts of compassionate giving to food banks during the holiday season (starting around Thanksgiving here in the USA and going until around Christmas).

I propose that we honor the hunger suffered by our ancestors during this month by making donations to charity or similar outreach programs (if it is within your means). For my part, I have impoverished neighbors to whom I will be bringing some home baked goods. Things like home made bread are something of a luxury for them. As such, I know that my gift will be not only useful but enjoyed upon its own merits.

Some of us have the necessity of calling upon food basket providers and other charities to help us make our food budget work for the month. I ask that you remember that there is nothing but wisdom in applying for such aid when you need it. Don't let some perceived sense of shame or social stigma stop you from getting the help you need. As someone who has previously called upon the community for help in just that fashion, I totally understand where you are coming from.

If we weren't to be helping each other, then the Goddess wouldn't have woven that behavior into our souls.

Goddess bless you all. I hope my meditation and exhortation brings a measure of warmth into your hearts.

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