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I have been having the same dream for years....

I'm walking through the woods at night. There is snow covering the ground and I'm walking through it with bare feet, but it's not cold. Even though I couldn't see it... it was still really bright. When I look up there are barn owls looking down at me; flying farther ahead of me after I've passed them. There is a wolf that is walking alongside me; his color changes from time to time. Sometimes her grey but most of the time he's white (last night he was white). Sometimes I can hear the barn owls talking but I can't really understand what they are talking about. 

For years I've have wondered what that dream meant....

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Comment by Diana-S on May 10, 2014 at 10:15am

I have had many shamanic dreams over twenty years, your dream can only be interpreted by you and your familiars...I have a few nature shrines around my place and an offering dish I leave for my horse spirit guides. Owls and wolves signify so many wonderful things, you should definitely look them up as spirit familiars, power totems, life totems, messenger totems....Good Luck!

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