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I am referring to not Christian judgment yet witch on witch.i have a male friend who is a practicing witch as myself.he tells me all the time how to dress and how to secret my house that my use of spiders dragons skulls black purple roses is not correct, as a witch he says we are suppose to use earth tones and nature in our house .I have tried to tell him use shells sand pine cones a vartity of different things,but to no avail he still downs me for my makeup my wearing all black.i have told him his my friend love me as I am I don't judge him on his being gay, loud mouthed or overburdening yet he is up on me being me drives me nuts.why judge anyone we allhave our own space and ways .why can't I get it thrust his head??????

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Comment by RavenWhiteWitch on January 16, 2017 at 1:26pm
DO NOT let anyone tell you how to practice your path or your life. There are so many ways to practice and everyone does it differently. You do not have to practice by what the book says or by what others say you have to do. You do you. Practice how you feel is right and what is best for you.
Comment by Eric firehorse on January 11, 2017 at 5:40pm

Well I completely agree with you isn't the world just full of people who think they can just judge other people, and try to get them to fit into their world view without having to change themselves, personally I look at people like that as being a tad insecure in themselves, I probably haven't go a patience fresh hold with overly judgemental people as you, I find them boring and think they should spend less time judging others and more time judging themselves, I guess your talking about the type of person who nit picks all time, Just be yourself you don't owe anyone an explanation, or need others permission to be you. One of the wisest statements in Tao is BE YOURSELF. You can't be anyone else and no one else can be you.

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