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Felt the urge to post a blog.  I don't usually blog much but i would like to get my creative kicks in some how.  As the title says my life as a Wiccan has been amazing.  I've moved on from just reading and studying to performing simple rituals and spells.  Also i finally got the courage to goto a Wiccan church.  It was basically an empty classroom. The setup of the church was class for 2 hours then followed by ritual.  Anyone can attend this Wiccan church even on a drop in basis.  It runs every Sunday. I've been going to the class portion only so far i'm still nervous about performing a ritual with others.  I just have  a fear of slipping up or slowing everyone down during the ritual because i don't know what i'm doing. I'm still getting used to doing rituals at home as a solitary wiccan.  I now have a book of shadows and a little altar that i can put up and take down quickly.  I don't live on my own but its not like my roommates would care about my choice in faith  i just don't feel like answering a bunch of questions and I am avoiding the attention.  I enjoy my nice little altar anyways. On another note i would like to meet other pagans/wiccans/witches either on-line, pen pal, or email. And if you live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada then definitley message me.  I enjoy my personal studies but its always nice to make friends. My life as a wiccan is just fantastic.

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Comment by Eis on Thursday

Relax.  Just relax.  We all muck up in ritual.  My HPs has set her hair on fire.  I've set MY hair on fire.  I've scrambled up the order of the circle casting (getting some things bass ackwards and leaving out other segments entirely)  I've almost taken out a bookcase while dancing in circle, wine bottles get knocked over, wax ruins altar cloths and that high end coconut-something-or-other charcoal blocks made without the saltpeter to cause them to self ignite have...failed to ignite, resulting in a teepee of wooden match sticks being laid over the damn things so we could actually burn the resin!  The Charge of the Goddess has a beautiful and very poignant bit in it about both 'reverence and mirth' being holy.  Remember to laugh, because sometimes it's the best magic, and a hysterical accident (those matches; that teepee!) have made for the most memorable rituals.

Comment by Ragnell on June 17, 2017 at 2:00pm

You can relax a bit about doing ritual with others.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has made mistakes in ritual and some of them are classic.  Myself? I got nervous casting circle and said "Round about and round about!  Evil stay in and good stay out!!!".  It got a good laugh. HPS's have set their hair on fire. As long as you are respectful and sincere, everything will be fine even if you make a mistake.  The gods, btw, are very forgiving and patient with people who are just learning.  Just do it.

Comment by Valda Gida Windsong on June 16, 2017 at 7:07pm
Sounds like you have been doing some awesome things recently. The church sounds good. Glad you found z group you like. Don't worry you'll get the confidence to perform in front of others. Takes time.
Comment by Bastet on June 16, 2017 at 6:13am
Hello :-)

That's awesome that you have been to a wiccan church. I'm new to this forum and now that I've settled in life (I moved a lot due to circumstances and finances) I'm finally getting in tune with my path as a wiccan.

I live in the UK myself but I haven't found any locals that are pagan or wiccan, or who actually take it seriously rather than a fashion statement. I'd be up for being pen pals!? Or through e-mail?


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