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Hello all!!
This may be a long post. As of 2010 I left the Catholic church. I had been Catholic my whole life and even attended and graduated from Catholic school. I went through a troubling time when I left my religion. I found science and felt that the world and universe were to big for our little lives to matter to some God. To me, God was too jealous and crazy to follow. Before becoming an Atheist I thought Jesus was more of a man to follow, if any. He seemed way less judgemental and more loving to all people rather than just those who were more willing to kill their own children as a way to show their love for God.
It just seemed to off and odd to me. I didn't want to follow a religion with such violence. No one could see nor understand my thought process on the matter. Still to this day, it's hard to mention the reasoning for not attending church, to my loved ones. They're Baptists, very kind people, very loving. They worry so much about me and my husband that we will go to hell because we don't attend church with them, or pray.
As time goes on, I spend more time with my very religious in laws, and I find myself missing the community I had with catholicism and religion in general. I miss the worship and the sense of spiritually. I miss the ritual. I found myself feeling the need to be a part of something again.
As of this past Sunday, yes Easter, I began researching Wicca and Paganism. It began to feel so right, I have felt like I'm a part of something again. However, there's no way I can reflect and share these feelings with others, as these thoughts are considered evil or wrong.
I found this website through researching and joined to find others who follow Wicca or Paganism. I'm a baby to this [Religion?] I've got the basic concepts down but I still don't know where to begin. Do I worship a God or Goddess? Do I use crystals for healing, even though I don't really believe in such a thing? So, I find myself wondering, what do you all believe? What is your Wiccan/Pagan ritual? Feel free to correct me on anything that I'm explaining wrong. Like I said, I'm a baby to this. Also, feel free to ask me many questions? I really don't know where to begin. I came here for you all to guide me and I hope to do the same one day, when I've reached that point in my life.
At this point, I glad that I've begun a path of enlightenment. I'm glad I've found something to bring me back to being spiritual.
I look forward to holding discussions with you all.

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Comment by Tom on April 20, 2017 at 12:11am
Drawing Down the Moon is an excellent first read for anyone curious about modern paganism and Scott Cunningham's Wicca for the solitary practicioner is a great first book for studying Wicca.

Wicca is one religion in paganism and many people who are drawn to it initially eventually realize it is not what they are looking for but it is a good way to begin a self study of your spirituality. As others said, keep an open mind as you investigate. Grounding and centering our good beginnings. Practicing meditation and visualization techniques are also helpful in many practices.

There is an Internet meme that jokingly says "as a pagan 90% of my practice is just going outside and sitting quietly". It's kind of tongue in cheek but it also resonates with many of us.

I tried Wicca but also could not resolve my feelings about deity with the practice. I study Druidry, if you're interested OBOD has a website that can get you pointed that direction.

Let me leave you this

Comment by Kris on April 19, 2017 at 6:28pm

I myself am new to the belief as well I was always interested even when I was a christian and followed Christ. Once I found out that it wasn't what they were saying I left it behind me and haven't looked back since and decided to check out Wicca. I did months of research within weeks to see the difference between Wicca and Satanism once I was reassured through my deep research that they were not the same and saw what Wicca stood for I was all for it. The Horned God and The Moon Goddess have a very good history if you want to do more research on that. You will soon realize there is so many different ways that some "Witches" or "Wiccans" use their stuff just do your study and get a feel of what works for you. Believing is also a big part of the path as well you have to have faith in yourself and your ability if you doubt yourself how can you believe anything you do works? Don't get discouraged and stay focused and in-tuned and you will get to your goal sooner than you think Blessed Be :) and welcome.

Comment by Bryn Judysdottir on April 19, 2017 at 1:36pm

Welcome, Millicent. :) "Why?" is a question few ask themselves, but it is an important one. For the most part, it's a question each individual must answer for themselves.

["Do I worship a God or Goddess?"]
Worship is the core of Paganism. Don't rush to find a deity. Read about them, study the mythology, how they were worshiped, what kind of offerings they like.
The key difference between the two religious sects is this: Christians pray, Pagans offer.
Reciprocal relationships are at our core while (for the most part) Christianity only requires belief.

["Do I use crystals for healing, even though I don't really believe in such a thing?"]
That would fall more into the realm of New Age Witchcraft, which isn't required to be Pagan. Witches practice various kinds of magic, of which, there are many kinds. If you don't like the idea of it, don't do it. Simple. :)

["What do you all believe?"]
That would take..waaaay too long to put into words. Lol Suffice it to say, I'm a Heathen (Germanic Pagan of the Reconstructionist variety). The gods of old Sweden are where my studies are focused. You may choose anient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China - whatever pulls your interest.

["What is your Wiccan/Pagan ritual?"]
As I vaguely outlined earlier: Offerings. A bit of beer, milk, or butter left out for spirits. Keeps the friendly ones friendly and the nasty ones peaceful. ;) I make offerings to the gods during major holidays.
Family is also a central bit of my religion. They may be Christian, but I still celebrate with them. I just celebrate for different reasons.

Also, if you're interested, I and a few others host a group for the new, curious, or lost: Work in Progress. Pop in and ask questions. We have a lot of websources and booklists on various types of Pagan religions. We also address common misconceptions in our Page Directory.

Comment by Millicent on April 19, 2017 at 11:38am
Thank you both very much for your responses!! They helped a lot =)
Comment by Lunaronyx on April 19, 2017 at 10:11am

I've done very much the same thing, Catholic to Wicca. While I'm in no way experienced enough to give you personal things I do, read up a lot. Learn. Most importantly DONT do a spell until you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Personally, I have a God and Goddess, yes but I believe I more work with the God and Goddess than worship. And yes, I use crystals a lot; they are central to my practice. Don't worry, it gets easier.

Comment by Amberhawk on April 19, 2017 at 7:49am

Welcome to the site. You will find all types here though it isn't quite as active as it once was. 

Some Universal Unitarian Churches are adopting pagan priests and priestess' to teach and lead chats, rituals or 'sermons' these days depending on how big the town or city is you live near so there is that route. I don't know if you have spiritual stores or occult stores in your area but that is also an option as they sometimes hold beginner classes on related skills, or at least announce groups looking to teach. There is also the witchvox or the meetup sites to check in with if you want to look up some locals. 

One of the books you might find useful is called Drawing Down the Moon as it gives  a little history and articles on various pagan paths. It is pretty thick but you don't need to sit down and read it cover to cover. It's more good reference to poke through when the interest peaks. 

As to your questions....

First thing is to just relax and realize you don't need to rush this. Many pagans never stop learning and evolving so there is no reason to race. Just take it a step at a time and use the first year or so as an absorption year, take in information and practice a few things you learn to see what you feel you can settle into. Many people start with Scott Cunningham's Solitary Practitioner's books because he's easy to settle in with and gives you something to start with that can be used as a base in any path you decide to go in. Some things you will drop, others you will expand, but it's a start. Just pick up a guide book and do what is suggested. Learning meditation techniques, what grounding and centering and shielding is. Set up an altar with representatives of God and Goddess until you've had time to research which deities you prefer to lean towards. Most beginner books give you a fair description of what to put on it and where. From there just keep reading and doing.

If you decide to go Wicca specific then going back to the beginning would be good. G. Gardner, Vivianne Crawley, Doreen Valiente, Raymond Buckland, Lady Sheba and Janet and Stewart Farrar all give you Wicca in the raw as near as you can get outside of a coven.

Past that, read as much as you can. Even if you don't agree with something you can at least work out why you don't agree and learn something from it. That can help you decide what you will or won't want when or if you get to a point of practicing with a group.

My own practice started with Wicca but even after a few years I just couldn't reconcile my views with the way of deity or regular ritual that such a priesthood religion requires. I ended up backing down to a more eclectic pagan way of working. I see deities as more symbolic than literal and have Hecate on my altar. I've found myself talking to her from time to time so perhaps my views are shifting in that respect, it happens.

Ritual depends on what I'm doing or what it's for. I recognize the holidays but I only really focus on Samhain that falls just before Halloween. I might do something for Yule as well but because all my family is also Southern Baptist I generally do what I'm going to do alone, if I do anything at all. I do have a social group I found through the meetup group in a neighboring bigger city that meets once a month. New people and old get together, talks a bit about life and what they are studying at the moment or what they find interesting in something they read. Occasionally a coven rep might pop in to see if there are any potentials that might be interested. I haven't been in a few years but they are still active as far as I can tell.

That should give you a bit to mull over. I hope you find your feet and some good people nearby to work with. Meanwhile feel free to keep poking around the site and chat it up. :)

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